Field Trip: North American International Auto Show Detroit

One of the cool parts of living in the motor city is the nearly year-round Auto events. The kids Love seeing cars new and old and it is the perfect bonding experience for my husband and son, This week my husband took our son to Employee day at the North American International Auto Show. My son got to get up close and personal with the latest and greatest cars in the world. An educational experience my budding engineer will never forget.


Our Detroit North American International Auto Show Field Trip

Ford has been a major part of his love of cars this past year. Last fall we scored one of the hundreds of free car building kits Ford sent out. At the auto show, they really helped him connect to the cars with fun exhibits and well LEGO. Needless to say my son was more than happy to bring home the LEGO for race car drivers.

Detroit North American International Auto show

He got to get into some of the newest cars and pretend to drive. When I asked my son what he loved about the car show he told me he really loved seeing the cars that go off road and a particular truck with tracks instead of tires. This truck was build tor going through snow and mountains and really got him thinking about new things that can be done with cars and trucks.

Detroit North American International auto show field trip

They really had a great time with plenty of cool things to see. The North American International Auto Show in Detroit was a great educational and inspiring experience for my son. With so much to see and do he had a great time and came home only to start taking apart a remote control car the next day. On a side not anyone know where I can find tracks like was used on that truck for a remote control car so he can experiment?

A warning to parents

On a serious note The North American International Auto show is PACKED. People from all over come to see everything it has to over and when you are attending with kids it can get dangerous fast. During the Detroit Auto show human trafficking is a major issue. While the state is funning raids on sex trafficking rings child safety is not really in the news.  Have a talk with your child about the dangers of going anywhere with strangers and what to do if you get separated.

Detroint international auto show

My husband and son were momentarily separated by a woman that had no manners and made the choice to bust through their held hands to get where she wanted to go rather than go around them. I am beyond grateful my husband was able to find our son within a few minutes but the reality of this happening is scary for me. So much could have gone wrong and beacuse it had never been an issue for us before he was scared with really no idea what to do.

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