Hand Stenciled Jewelry Box

I really love simple and beautiful crafts that make great gifts like the spoonful of love craft we did a couple years ago. So pretty and simple they make a great opportunity to work on something the children can really feel proud of. This makes a great Valentines day or Mothers day gift.

These jewelry boxes can be found at most craft stores or upcycled from one you have around the house. My husband has been ordering from Wish a lot lately so we have a small collection of cheap cardboard jewelry boxes that can be used for this project.

– cardboard box with lid ($1 or less at most craft stores)
– satin paint in choice of two colors
– heart stencils (we used the Martha Stewart stencil line)
– Foam brush
– regular paint brush

Make your own hand stenciled jewelry box craft

Hand Stenciled Jewelry Box

1. Begin by applying two coats of paint to your cardboard box and lid. Make sure all of the edges are covered well. You can apply a third coat if you wish for richer coverage. Allow the box to sit and dry thoroughly.
2. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, place the stencil over the lid of the box. Make sure it is positioned so your stencil will be centered.
3. Dip the sponge brush in the second paint choice and dab it over the stencil. Dab several times ensuring proper coverage.
4. Slowly remove the stencil. Take your time doing this to avoid smears.
5. Allow the paint to dry completely before touching or gifting.

Now just tuck some tissue paper and jewelry of your choice inside!

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