Where to Find Heirloom Seeds

When it comes to finding seeds for growing your own garden we all know Heirloom seeds are the way to go. Untouched by genetic modification, open-pollinated and just like the seeds our great-grandparents used heirloom seeds are amazing and give so many stunning verities of plants.

Sadly not all of use have a stash of Heirloom seeds passed down generations in our families so we have to work a little harder to find heirloom seeds.

Where to Find Heirloom Seeds

Where to buy heirloom seeds

I have two favorite places we get heirloom seeds for our gardens.

The first is Mary’s Heirloom Seeds. We found this one when we lived in Florida in one of the local homesteading groups. I love that this supports a small business that strives to help people learn to grow their own heirloom foods just like grandma used to.

For the really interesting heirloom seeds that you can’t find I love Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Rare Seeds. We are waiting on this year’s catalog so we can really dive into planning our new LARGE garden space.

These seeds are great quality and the large verity allows us to have fun with our garden space. They are perfect for finding ornamental vegetables that can hide food right in your flowerbeds without the neighbors complaining.

If you are not looking for specific things and want to dive right in with a good starting verity grabbing heirloom seed verity packs off Amazon is a great way to get a started with your garden or to give as a gift.

How to find heirloom seeds locally

Where to Find Heirloom Seeds

Better than shopping online you can find heirloom seeds locally to help you get your garden started and make connections that will help you grow and thrive as a gardener.

Check your local farmers market for heirloom seeds that are known to thrive in your area.

Stop by your local mom and pop farm and garden store and make friends with the owners who always know the best places.

Join local gardening and homesteading groups on facebook to catch all of the best garden and seed swaps.

At the end of the season don’t forget to save seeds to use next year to save money on your garden.

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