Fun Ways to Spice up Popcorn

Popcorn is one of our go-to snacks here. Popcorn is cheap and with our popcorn maker the kids can whip up a batch themselves when they get hungry. It’s National Popcorn Day and we have finally bounced back from a week-long fight with the flu we decided that we would start looking for fun ways to spice up everyday popcorn with some fun and exciting.

Fun ways to spice up popcorn snacks for your kids

When I think about mixing things into popcorn I think about this one sleepover with my best friend. We spent the night putting on blue lipstick and gushing over the Back Street Boys eating the weirdest yet surprisingly yummy popcorn. Somehow we ended up mixing Goldfish and garlic powder into our popcorn. I’ll tell you the next day our breath smelled terrible! But I can’t recall either of us getting sick for a while.

Here are our favorite popcorn additions

Wasabi peas


Mini pretzels

chocolate chips

Mr. Kernal popcorn seasonings

Popcorn recipes you have to try

Spice up your popcorn snacks for frugal fun

With popcorn being such a hit in this house I searched out some of the best popcorn ideas from some amazing bloggers that won’t leave you disappointed between flavor and creativity.

Do you love kettle corn? My oldest does and she loves how easy this homemade sweet and salty kettle corn is to make.

I would never have thought to mix chia seeds into popcorn. This is a great healthy addition.

Who does not love Caramel corn? Yeah, Kids like my son that struggle with dairy can find it less than fun but this dairy-free caramel popcorn recipe fixes that.

This Strawberries and cream popcorn recipe is reminiscent of the ice cream truck treat begging for summer to arrive.

I love nacho cheese popcorn seasoning and this DIY Nacho popcorn seasoning is so much healthier.

We love giving cookie butter a run for fun new recipes like our cookie butter brownies. This cookie butter brownie popcorn is loads of fun.

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