Flamingo Kids Craft With Book List

Summer is in full swing over here and finally, the weather has caught up with our moods.  Being up north again it looks like we have an easy summer ahead of us with cool temps into the 80s. Yep after being in Kansas and Florida 80s for summer feels pretty darn nice.

Today we are learning about a bird we all think of as a summer animal. The Flamingo with our favorite preschool program Mother Goose Time.

This is a great craft for summer fun and learning.

This Flamingo craft is perfect for kids to enjoy while we chat about this fascinating bird and wait for the local school to get out so we can play outside without disturbing anyone. This is an easy one.

You need:

  • hot pink paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tape
  • craft feathers
  • paint, markers, or crayons
  • bendy straws

What to do:

Cut a sillowet of a flamingo out of the pink paper.

This bright flaingo craft is perfect for summer

Have your child decorate the flamingo body.

Attach bendy straw legs (tape) and glue on finishing touch feathers.

Now for the real fun. Let’s learn about flamingos.

We love how Mother Goose Time includes all kinds of fun stuff to do with the kids crafts like the one above. Crafts are such a great way to bring lessons to life. Here is an idea to use with this craft from Mother Goose Time: Encourage your child to stand on one foot. How long can they do it? A flamingo can stand on one foot for over 4 HOURS.

This fun craft, activity idea, and book make learning about flamingos a blast.

Want great books on Flamingos?

Those Funny Flamingos (Those Amazing Animals) is full of fun amazing flamingo facts and great pictures. 

Flamingos For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers is packed full of flamingo facts perfect for young readers.

Felipe the Flamingo is left behind during migration and raised by other animals until he is grown enough to find his family.

Sylvie is a flamboyant flamingo that after learning her diet affects her color begins to experiment with amusing results.  

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