Flowers to Buy For Your Manly Man

If you want to show a special guy in your life how much you care, it may have crossed your mind to buy them a bunch of flowers as the ultimate romantic gesture. However, many people are unsure whether it’s appropriate to buy flowers for men or even if they may unwittingly cause offense.

Fortunately, times are changing, and it’s no longer considered peculiar to treat men to some choice blooms. After all, more men than ever are opting to enjoy activities seen as more traditionally feminine, such as spa treatments. Why shouldn’t they also enjoy a bunch of flowers for a special occasion? 

Here is a rough guide to choosing the perfect flowers for the man in your life.

Which color flowers are best for men? 

Although it may seem like a stereotype, many men prefer flowers with a more masculine color scheme. Try keeping it simple by sticking to just one or two bright colors. Strong, vibrant colors like bright reds and purples are less feminine and maybe more appealing to men.

Flowers, no longer restricted to feminine aesthetics, are now an integral part of any occasion. Now that the gender roles have dispersed to a greater extent, getting a bunch of elegant flowers for your lover, father, brother, or male friend can be the perfect gift.

However, we know that as women, you cannot just randomly pick whatever rose there is and tie a ribbon to it. Therefore, to get a wide variety of choices that blend your feminine taste perfectly with your understanding of your man, you can buy flowers online. Pick what feels perfect for the man and occasion and make it even more special!

Which flowers should I choose? 

Try to pick blooms which match your guy’s personality. For example, an outdoorsy type might appreciate a rustic bouquet which incorporates elements of nature such as wood or bamboo. It’s also worth considering the symbolism of different flowers and picking ones which have an appropriate meaning for your relationship with the recipient. Some examples include:

  • Bird of paradise: Joyfulness
  • Calla lily: Magnificence
  • Daffodil: Chivalry
  • Gladiolus: Strong character
  • Rose: Love
  • Sunflower: Purity of thoughts

Where should I buy flowers for a man? 

You might find it hard to find the perfect bouquet of flowers for a man ready-made at the store. This is because many pre-made bunches are designed assuming that the recipient will be female.

It’s probably best to go to a florist so you can select the most appropriate flowers for the man in question. While any florist will be able to make a bouquet for a man, some online florists are experts in creating the perfect masculine arrangement.

If you can, it’s a good idea to buy here as you will have the benefit of their experience. The florist may be able to give you some inspiration to make the gift as heartfelt as possible.

When should I give flowers to a man?

Any occasion could warrant a gift of flowers depending on the individual. Birthdays, promotions or just because are all perfectly good reasons to give flowers. However, you may wish to give some thought to the timing of presenting a man with his flowers.

Some men would be perfectly happy to receive a bouquet in the office, while others may be left red-faced. If your man is bashful, it may be more appropriate to give them their flowers in private.

In today’s modern world, stereotypes are being broken down all the time. Therefore, there’s never been a better time to treat the men in your life to some flowers. If you give thought to the type, color and meaning of the blooms and are sensitive to the occasion, your gift is sure to be a hit.

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