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In today’s economy, most of us are living on a tight budget. It is not easy trying to raise kids and make life fun when you have a budget to stick to. One thing we have learned over the years is that there are plenty of free things to do with your kids you just have to put in some work to plan it out. The main focus needs to be spending quality time together building a strong relationship and making plenty of memories.

free ways to keep kids busy, Free activities for kids

Check your local newspaper and online listings for free festivals, events, and fun activities you can enjoy with your child. Many stores, libraries, and local churches hold free events for families. We love taking the kids to home depot to build something new. We used to love attending all of the free concerts and events the Army held for the kids and I quickly learned that hunting down free events was well worth my time.

Get out of the house for some free kids activities

Get out for a walk together. We have some of the best memories from searching out walking and hiking trails. Exploring is so much fun. Grab a scavenger hunt list or go Geocaching. Many towns are now doing painted rock hunts. None of that work for you.

Go stomp in some puddles. Kids love to get dirty and go stomp in the mud puddles. Just don’t make the mistake of letting them wear white like I did one spur of the moment mud puddle romp. If you do, well, shaving cream is great for getting mud stains out.

Start a garden with your little ones to give them a great opportunity to learn and grow. While seeds will cost a bit of money you will get it back with money you save and you will get many many days of free activities for your kids. Kids love watching plants change and grow and the garden soil makes a great sensory activity for your little ones.

Take advantage of a hot day by pulling out the sprinkler. Your yard gets watered, and the kids have fun without you haveing to pay money for them to do something like visit the water park or go somewhere with air conditioning.

Take your child out to surve the community. It does not cost money to go volunteer your time with your family. Visit the animal shelter and wash dogs, or go help clean up at the soup kitchen. Volunteering makes a great free activity for children that pays you back in work ethics, compassion, and experiences.

Free kids activities for a day at home.

keep the kids busy all summer long with these free activities.

It is never fun to be stuck inside on a rainy day and you may find yourself struggling to find frugal activities to keep kids busy. The good news is some of the best things in life are free like quality time with the ones you love.

Snuggle up with a good book. Raid the stash of books you have in the house, load up your free kindle app with free kindle books, or check out the great offerings of e-books your local library has to offer. Reading with your child is a great free activity that fosters a bond between you and your child and a love of reading that will last your child a lifetime.

Reading is a wonderful and enriching activity for children that fosters imagination, improves language skills, and nurtures a lifelong love for learning. You can make reading more enjoyable by exposing your child to a variety of reading materials. You can explore storybooks, magazines, almanacs, comics, and graphic novels. If you can stock up on reading materials, interesting comics or graphic novels might catch your eye from a comic book price guide.

Grab the kids and bring them into the kitchen to cook with you. Not only does this make a great free activity to do with your child it gives you the opportunity to teach your child a skill they will need for life.

Dig out an old board game and make new rules for it together this fosters creativity and uses up what you already have in the house rather than costing you money to get a new game to keep your kids busy on a rainy day.

Go back to your childhood and help your kids build a fort. It is fun to go back to the fun memories and activities you loved as a kid and your children will grow up with fond memories of spending time with you in that couch and blanket fort.

Does the house need a bit of elbow grease? Grab some sacks, turn up the tunes abd spend a day cleaning with your kids. This is a great free activity for kids that helps benifit the entire household. When you turn boring daily chores into something fun they stop seeing it as something to avoid and find joy in doing their part for the entire family.

Browse Pinterest and give items around the house a quick upcycle for some crafty fun with your child. You can even challenge your child to take things from around the house to create something useful that solves a problem or does something that you need to be done.

Some of the best activities for kids are free.

So often we struggle to keep up with the Jones’ that we forget to take a deep breathe and enjoy the finer things in life like quality time with loved ones, a good book under a tree on a sunny day, and racing through the park burning off all of that extra energy. Embrace life and teach your children to find joy in the simple things.

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