Make Math Fun For Your Child With These 4 Helpful Tips

How can you make math fun and active? Here are a few tips you don't want to miss.Did you hate math as a kid? Does your child hate math? Why don’t you change that by makes math fun? Math does not have to me your most hated subject. It can be fun and active and every lesson can be an adventure.

  1. Stop the drill and kill. Kids need repetition to learn but you do not have to keep it all on paper.  In the picture above you will see what we call math off the paper. I write numbers on the ground that will be the final answer. Then I call out a math problem and a direction to each child like this. (Monkey (My oldest daughter) hop to 15 divided by 3.” She hops and giggles to the answer. This gets her brain working on the repetition of basic math equations while giving her body the activity it desperately needs.
  2. Take Math into the kitchen. That amazing place where measurement, fractions, and chemical reactions (a bit of science for the win), and sensory-filled messes abound.  Pull out a cookbook and help your child create an exciting new dish. Point out things like 1/2 cup and 350 degrees. Discuss each step and enjoy the bonding that comes with this math lesson. We fell in love with the book Math Chefs last summer.
  3. Put the toys to work. Toys like balls, legos, crayons, matchbox cars, and anything your child has a lot of can make great math manipulative.  From solving the latest math problem to stump your child to studying the wonderful world of geometry (Don’t roll your eyes at me…) getting hands-on just makes it so much more fun.
  4. Give a new type of maths a try. Not all math programs are the same. We found one called Life Of Fred that reads like your child’s favorite story book. Only each and every page holds a math concept in its real-life use. Never again hear “when will I ever use this?” Life Of Fred is fun life application math and even better your children will have no idea they are even learning.

Does your child HATE math? Heres a few tricks to fix that.

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  • alaynascreations says:

    All very good ways to make math more fun. It’s kind of gratifying to cook with my kids and realize they fully understand fractions when they can accurately double or half a recipe 😉
    Thanks for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty