Natural Treatment For ADHD

Does your child struggle with attention? Do they have ADHD? Here are natural treatments that can help

If you’re the mother of a child with a child with ADHD you know how hard days can get when your child holds the attention span of a fly.

Consistently buzzing from one thing to another with no real purpose and no focus to complete even the most mundane of tasks (How many times did you tell them to put that dish in the sink?)

If you are like me you really do not want to turn to chemical drugs to treat your child. Yes I know the feeling that nagging that you have to have done something wrong to lead to your child having ADHD and what if you are making the wrong choice now. Let me be the one to tell you… You did not do anything wrong. You are doing the best you can as a parent. YOU ARE A GOOD MOM.

Ok now that is out of the way lets talk about natural options you have as a parent to help your child that struggles with ADHD. We control our child’s ADHD with four natural methods:


We use plenty of activity in our daughter’s day to day life and in our homeschooling. Homeschooling an ADHD child can be a lot of work but it is also rewarding as many ADHD children are highly intelligent and quick to learn. Embrace your child’s uniqueness.

Try more active hands-on learning to help them thrive and learn in a way that works for them.


Our daughter can go from wonderful energetic child, to drunken demon monkey with the addition of a single food additive into her diet. We cut out food dyes, high fructose corn syrup (now often labeled as fructose,) and MSGs from our daughter’s diet. With a controlled diet she is a completely different child

Things like fructose candies can play a big roll in your childs issues. Fructose candy is a type of candy that is sweetened with fructose. This type of candy is popular in the United States and Canada.

Fructose candy is typically manufactured by boiling down fruit juice or apple cider, then adding sugar and citric acid to make various flavors.

Essential oils

Essential oils are an amazing tool for ADHD. Lavender to calm, Vetiver to focus, and Patchouli to soothe. We love blends like Plant Therapy’s Calming the child and A+


 Herbal Supplements like Native Remedies Focus Formula to safely help children focus when they need it most and improve overall brain function.

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 What is your biggest struggle as the parent of an ADHD child?

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  • Jorge McMillan says:

    It’s cool to see that there are so many different kinds of treatments for ADHD. I’ve always felt that sometimes there are some things that can be done in the comfort of the home for the person who has ADHD. I’ll have to research this more and see if there are somethings that my family can try with my nephew.