Homemade Apple Cider Syrup

Mmmmmm Fall is rolling in and the Apples are in season. Apple cider, apple pie, and apple recipes for everything are popping up left and right.  This easy apple cider syrup can be made at home to top pancakes or make your own specialty coffee for pennies on the price of expensive coffee drinks at the local coffee shop.

After all this time it is still one of my favorite ways to eat french toast or add some flavor to tea on a cold fall day.

Homemade Apple Cider Syrup

When cooking this up every year my whole house smells amazing. Once I cooked it up on the same day I had apple butter cooking away in the crockpot and well my poor neighbors had to smell the apples and spices down the road.

Make Your Own Apple Cider Syrup:

How to make Apple Cider Syrup

Mix in a medium saucepan. Simmer on medium for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.  Do not let boil. Store apple cider syrup in the refrigerator or preserve by canning.  This recipe can be doubled and tripled easy and cooked for several hours in your slow cooker.  Just be aware that someone may raid your stash of syrup if they find out you have a large batch. 😉

Awesome ways to use Apple Cider Syrup

Homemade Apple Cider Syrup

No matter what you do with this homemade apple cider syrup, you are bound to get a good reaction from your friends and family.  You may want to save some for your Thanksgiving celebration this year.

How to thicken a failed simple syrup

I make flavored syrups all the time for my family. This allows us to switch things up on a budget. We use them for everything from breakfast to flavoring buttercream frosting. I would love to say that they always simmer down into the perfect thick syrup. That would be a lie because let’s face it nothing works out perfectly 100% of the time.

When a homemade simple syrup fails you can thicken it fairly easy with simple ingredients already in your kitchen. The two best options to raid your cabinet for are corn starch (or other food starch) or pectin from making your favorite jams and jellies like my favorite cherry jelly. Gently sprinkle 1/8th teaspoon of either in at a time until it begins to thicken and pass to spoon test.

The spoon test is easy. Place metal spoons in the freezer. Pull one out and dip gently into your syrup. When you pull it out the syrup should drip in a thick dribble similar to the way real maple syrup does. When you reach this point turn off the heat and enjoy your Apple Cider Syrup.

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