Activities to Make Spelling Fun

Looking for ways to make spelling fun? Check out these activities.As a dyslexic it takes a bit more work for me to spell but it encouraged me to find fun ways to teach spelling to my children to help them earn this important skill.  I have a passion for making learning fun so as with everything else I look for ways to make this taxing subject something to look forward to.  Any subject can be fun if you make it that way.

Making spelling fun requires you to think outside of the box. One way to teach spelling is with sign language. This is called fingerspelling and is a great way to help your child combine both the left and right sides of the brain aiding in memory retention of those oh so fun spelling words.

Fingerspelling is a great way to use the hands to practice spelling anywhere and can become a valuable communication tool.

Pull out that Scrabble for a family game night focused on this important skill. The kids wont even know they are learning. Need a version for the little ones? How about Boggle JR where even the youngest kids can join in on the fun.

Skip the paper spelling test and pull out the chalk. Kids can write spelling words as big as they want and even create pictures out of the words. When they are done passers-by can enjoy seeing your child’s word creations. The next rain will wash it away so you can do it all over again.

This pretend Play game can help your child learn to spell and they wont even know it. Alphabet Soup Game

My kids love to play restaurant ALL the time. So I came up with a plan to help my kids practice spelling. When they come to take my order for the 100th time today I tell them I want Alphabet Soup that says something. They go back and prepare my “Soup” and bring it back. They play this while I work at the “Cafe”. Now if only they knew how to make a cup of coffee…

Need a fun game for your little speller? How about spelling with their own Alphabet soup? This weeks freebie is our Alphabet Soup Game. FREE for subscribers. Simply print, cut around the letters and play. To make it last longer laminate the sheets before cutting.

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