Turn Geography Into An Art Project

Geography is often not a favorite subject but it does not have to be a bore. You can have so much fun with a little planning and creativity.

Find a fun geography curriculum

Do you want to make geography fun?

We are using Drawing Around the World to teach the children US geography this year and intend to move on to the European version next.  This Charlotte Mason based program teaches your child to recognize the states by shape from tracing, drawing and labeling them.  We are in the thick of our summer program right now and always searching for ways to get out and get active. With a big batch of sidewalk chalk we took our lessons outside drawing each state on the cement. I am sure the neighbors are growing more confused each week as they walk their dogs through the neighborhood.

Built a college to study geography

Draw or print an outline, or use your free hand from your Drawing around the world  assignment.  Research and collect images of things pertaining to each state or country.

Include things like Imports and exports, culture, buildings and architecture, landscapes.

Learn to read maps by creating them

Create maps of your yard and neighborhood. Google maps can help. Pair up in teams an adult with however many children are needed to split up. Have the children read the map and lead the way, at each stop take a picture of something you see.  Photography is a fun art that can be done anywhere and as the children show each other what they found they are discussing where they have gone.

Create a model of your own imaginary land

Oh no, it’s a rainy day what will you do? How about pulling out all of those leftover odds and ends in the craft and recycling bin and create your own 3D model of your own land imaginary land. Let kids get creative using egg cartons to create a mountain range and yogurt cups for ponds. Have fun, get creative, and learn about different landforms.

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Make Geography fun for your child.

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