Have Fun and Save on Kids Activities all Summer Long

The cost of kids activities can add up fast. Activities and sports are great for keeping kids busy and out of trouble. Sadly the price tag of all of those great kids activities adds up really fast. The good news is there are plenty of great ways to save on kids activities as well as lots of great frugal and free ways to keep kids busy. A little creativity goes a long way.

Have Fun and Save on Kids Activities all Summer Long

Save money on fun kids activities

Look for memberships to great activities like the zoo, water park, and science centers to save money. Kids can have a lot of fun and you only have to visit a couple times to get your money worth so upgrading after a trip your children enjoyed is a great idea. For an even better deal look for a membership that reciprocates to other zoos, museums, and activities for even more savings.

Group discounts are a great way to save money on kids activities. Large families have an easy time gathering enough people to take advantage of these discounts. We like gathering and hosting trips with the homeschool group discount. We have found that most only require the coordinating parent to be a homeschooler making it easy to gather plenty of other families that can benefit from the steep discount.

Setting Groupon to email you local deals is a great way to not miss fun activities at a big discount. One mom I know finds events for her family nearly every weekend for next to nothing. From bowling to eating out, and dropping by the local water park she always finds an adventure or two.

I love finding free things to do with my kids. We already have a few fun free activities lined up for the year including awesome things like a book festival, fireworks, and workshops. Every year Kids Bowl Free is a great way to get kids out and active all summer long.

Check your church for fun activities they have planned for the year. Many will a free vacation bible school program, fun festivals, and holiday events for kids and families to enjoy. Not only is this a good way to save on activities for kids it is a great way to help your child become part of the church community.

Have a Regal Movie Theater near you? Check out the Summer Movie Express where you can take your kids to the movies for just $1 a ticket all summer long. These are not the latest movies but your kids won’t care when they get to see an old favorite on the big screen and you will love the chance to escape into the air-conditioned movie theater for something that will let you take a rest.

Save money on organized activities

Have Fun and Save on Kids Activities all Summer Long

If your kids are into sports you know how expensive they can get. Between fees, equipment, snacks, and transportation those sports can really drain the budget. Buying the best of the best is not the way to go for your child’s first year or two of a sport. Children have a habit of changing their minds as well as outgrowing things so they need to replace items often. Buying used sports equipment is a great way to save money on kids sports activities.

If your child wants to lessons in an instrument, sport, or other activity you can save a large sum of money by checking with your local college. Many college students are willing to charge less than a professional to build up their experience and portfolio while earning a little extra cash to pay for expenses. For an even better deal your local high school may have a teen with the skills your child wants to learn willing to work for a low price or even to cover their required community service hours.

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