How to Really get Things Done with a Newborn in the House

Everyone loves babies but when it comes to getting things done it can be really hard to manage anything with a newborn in the house.

Those first few weeks your baby needs you every moment of every day, you have unexpected visitors in and out, and you somehow still have to manage to get the house clean, food on the table, and help the older kids with homework. Here are a few tips that help me actually get things done with a newborn in the house.

How to Really get Things Done with a Newborn in the House

You can get things done with a baby in the house

Set a limit on visitors. With well-meaning people stopping by day in and day out waking baby the moment he is down for the count can make getting things done can be hard. Set a limit on visitors to allow you less disruptions. People will get over it. When you do have a visitor don’t feel bad ending the visit early.

Enlist the family to help. This means with both the baby and the house. Delegate chores that need to be done so that you are not the only one doing them. Enlist older siblings to hold and cuddle baby while you cook dinner.

No that does not mean you are making your older child babysit and destroying their lives (Though some busy bodies may say otherwise.) They are bonding and you get a moment to get things done.

How to Really get Things Done with a Newborn in the House

Wear your baby. The person that invented baby carriers needs a big thank you. I wish I would have had one with my first. All the sudden you have two hands and a happy baby. You can even nurse with baby in the carrier. This is amazingly useful when you need to pick up the house or give an older child undivided attention to work on homework.

Baby won’t even notice what you are doing if you gently rock him to sleep on your chest. This one is a life saver for me. I place baby in my favorite Mei Tai and get cooking prep, cleaning, and homeschool lessons done with baby.

Cook once, clean once, eat twice. Plan meals so that you can freeze or use the meal within the next couple days. By cooking a double batch you have the advantage of two meals for the time it takes to make and clean up after one meal.

Put that baby swing, bouncer, and other goodies you got at your baby shower to work. Once you figure out what you baby like you can drag it around the house so you can shower, cook dinner, or do the laundry while baby rests peacefully in the baby swing. Be sure to talk to your baby as you rush around the room while he is awake to help keep him calm.

Remember things do NOT have to be perfect

Lower your standards. Life is short and sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to things not being as up to par as normal. Things will get easier and soon enough your baby will not want you as much as he does now so take a step back and enjoy your baby while you can.

You will have plenty of time to take the science experiments out of the fridge before they walk away.

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