Homemade Wrapping Paper Ideas

As I get older my love of simple uncluttered things grows. Perhaps it is because my life is so wild and out of control with 5 kids running through the house all day every day.

Because of this, I have fallen in love with a few homemade wrapping paper ideas that just make the holidays feel a little calmer and more special.

homemade warping paper ideas

My favorite Homemade wrapping paper uses the brown shipping paper from the local Dollar Tree. Sometimes I save the large pieces that Amazon sends in boxes. The wrinkles ad a delicate touch to the simple wrapping.

Add a bit of ribbon or colored tape and my heart sings with joy over the simplicity. The children do not like things as simple as I do and happily turn their homemade wrapping paper into an art project. They will pull out stamps, markers, crayons, stickers, and even watercolor paints to personalize it.

Young kids get a kick out of it when I replace gift tags with a photo of them on the package outlined in washi tape to make it stick and add some color.

I love to sew and often make simple pouches out of leftover fabric to place gifts in. This simple homemade wrapping paper idea creates a pouch that can be used for years to come. This also lets me use up that stash of extra fabric and retired clothing from my craft stash.

For larger gifts, I skip the wrapping paper and opt to use a cheap blanket. This will cover the gift without revealing what is inside and allow you to wrap with a gift with a simple second gift.

You can never have too many throw blankets so this makes one of the most practical homemade wrapping paper options. Use a large thick ribbon to spice it up more.

Upcycling different types or paper makes for fun homemade wrapping paper options. Sunday comics make a great wrapping paper option for kids. Maps are the perfect upcycled wrapping paper for travelers on your list.

 Homemade sponge stamped wrapping paper

This fun and simple homemade wrapping paper idea is perfect for decorating simple brown paper quick and easy.

 DIY Watercolor Gift Wrapping Paper Tutorial

I just love this homemade watercolor wrapping paper you can use all year round.

 Printable Wrapping Paper

If you are in a pinch and need wrapping paper fast you can print this pretty wrapping paper.

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