Great Ideas to Outsmart Porch Pirates

The problem of porch pirates can get out of hand. If you order a lot of stuff from the internet and cannot collect it in person, thieves will take note of that and make you their target. Leaving a package on a customer’s porch is a common practice among quite a few delivery services.

If you are fed up with porch pirates, taking a proactive approach, and making some changes is the best course of action. There are multiple methods to fight the idea. Look at the ideas below and pick one that you believe would be the best.

Idea #1 – Purchase a Parcel Box

A parcel box is akin to a mailbox. The difference is in size. It is impossible to fit larger packages in a regular mailbox. Thus, if you have a larger delivery on its way, a mailbox will not do.
It is not that difficult to select the right parcel box.

Ultimately, it comes down to how much room you have in your budget and what your needs are. The investment in a parcel box is worth it overall. Only those with a key can access the box, meaning that no thief will be able to steal the delivery that easily. 

Idea #2 – Install Security System

A security system just for porch pirates might seem like a bit of a stretch to some people. Thus, if you decide to spend money on security cameras, video doorbells, and other features, think of them as a home improvement to improve the overall house security

Just seeing that there is a camera is usually more than enough to discourage potential thieves from approaching the premises. Video evidence is reliable, and if they get caught, escaping a punishment will be impossible.

Idea #3 – Consider Using Amazon Key

Amazon’s key is one of the company’s most recent features. One of the reasons to develop it was to fight porch pirates. The delivery person can enter a garage or a home and leave the package inside by using a verified Amazon key.

There might be some who are not that keen on letting strangers inside. However, there are very few dangers involved because hardly anyone would risk their jobs. And if it means that your package ends up inside and is safe from the hands of thieves, letting a delivery person inside should not be that much of an issue. 

Idea #4 – Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog is another excellent method to fight against porch thieves. You do not have to keep the dog near a porch. Just seeing that there is a guard dog should be enough to make porch pirates think twice.

Just approaching the house will cause the dog to start barking. It will alert the neighbors. Attracting such attention is what most thieves try to avoid. 

Idea #5 – Have Deliveries to Workplace

Deliveries to a workplace might not be available to everyone, but if there is such an opportunity, take it. 

You will be able to collect the package in person. And even if you have to leave for a meeting or another matter, there ought to be a colleague who would not hesitate and accept the delivery on your behalf. Make sure that your employer is okay with it, and make the workplace as a delivery location for when you are not at home. 

Idea #6 – Ask Another Person for Help

Maybe you are in a good relationship with the neighbors? Or maybe you have a friend or a family member who could help you? There should not be any problems if you pre-arrange everything with the delivery company. Just make sure that the person who is picking up the package on your behalf is available.

Idea #7 – Use Smart Lockers

Smart lockers might cost a few extra dollars, but they are worth it if you do not have any other options. Moreover, the packages are in a safe location and can be collected 24/7. Not to mention that only those with a pin code are the only ones who can open the locker. 

You get a confirmation via email or a text message, so you will know when the delivery is finished, and you can come and take it with yourself.

Idea #8 – Reschedule

If the original time of the delivery does not work for you, ask for rescheduling. It might not be possible to rearrange the delivery for the next day, depending on who is providing the services. However, you should still be able to agree on a time that works for both parties. This way, you will be the one to receive the delivery in person.

Idea #9 – Insure the Package

Ensuring the package is not going to stop porch pirates per se, but you will still get compensation for the theft. Look at what the delivery services are offering. If you feel like investing in insurance is worth it, do not hesitate and go for it.

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