Homeschool Unit Wolves

Looking to study Wolves?  What a great choice. Wolves are wonderful mysterious creatures that have an undeservedly bad reputation.

I feel blessed to have had the chance to meet one of these amazing animals up close and personal. Now I would like to invite you and your family to enjoy a Unit Study to help you get to know them.

Library Reading list:

*Free* Wolf homeschool unit

Free Wolf Printables and Activities:

Wolf Coloring Pages on

Wolf Mask on Itsy Bitsy Fun

Great wolf Lodge has a fun FREE educational site for kids at

Wolf Activities on First School

Wolf Quest classroom activities

Meet Wolves

Observing wolves in person is truly the best way to get to know them. Spend some time at your local zoo observing wolves. watch videos like this documentary on Yellowstone Wolves.

Homeschool on vacation: Wolves

We were blessed with meeting wolves with Mission Wolf and will never forget that adventure.  If you would like to continue your wolf education I can not tell you enough how wonderful the Mission Wolf Ambassador program is.  Should you find yourself traveling through Colorado this summer, take a stop by.  I encourage you to check out when the Traveling Ambassador Wolf program is coming near you and make a plan for it now. If you have to drive a while it is worth it.

Homeschool on Vacation: Great Wolf LodgeHomeschool On Vacation: The Great Wolf Lodge

Today I was checking my e-mail and got a heads up on this great deal for vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge.  Oh, the memories it brought back. A Few years ago we were blessed with a free weekend at The Great Wolf Lodge. The trip was so much more than we could have hoped for and the children learned a lot over the weekend.

We received Paw Passes that allows you to do most of the activities at a low cost. The children got to great in the craft room, practice math in the arcade, a bit of physics in the mini golf, and learn how stuffed animals are stuffed long before they ever lived near a build-a-bear.

The children got these wonderful Paw Passes. These allowed them to control all kinds of things along the halls and even some of the wolves. Riddles and scavenger hunts kept everyone even my husband roaming and learning. Before bed by the big clock they host a storytime for the children that you really want to be sure you don’t miss.

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