Top 5 Benefits of Living in Campus Hostels

Did you know that The University of South California started with a student entry of 53 and 10 faculty members? Today, it is among the top private universities with a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. With the currently high student population, accommodation is among the significant concerns of the majority of students.

Institutions strive to provide enough facilities such as the USC housing, although the population growth rate of students exceeds what is available. Investors play a significant role in providing housing. But what difference does it make residing in campus housing rather than going for the rental apartments? Well, there are both benefits and shortcomings. Besides, individual preference also matters. But you may wonder,

What Are the Benefits?

You probably are torn between going for the USC housing and living off-campus. Check below what students need to know about campus accommodation.

You do not Have to Commute 

One of the benefits of living on-campus is the elimination of the need for commuting. Most institutions are usually in urban centers, and securing an apartment out there may be a challenge. As a result, students residing off-campus remain with the option of moving to areas far away, where accommodation is available and cheaper. Such a decision comes with the burden of traveling each day and back.    

You are More Secure

The university premises are usually under the watch of guards, and at times military forces get engaged in ensuring security. The security measures ensure the people entering the institution go through a security check, and this minimizes the chances of gaining entry with firearms or other weapons. Other safety measures are also in place, such as CCTV cameras which ensure fulltime surveillance.

You can choose where to Reside

The institution usually has several dorms which students can choose. Each of them has different features and facilities, thus individuals can select USC housing based on their interest and financial situation. 

The Price is Lower

Unlike in private apartments, there is no billing for the supply of water, electricity, and internet. Once the student clears the required amount before entry, all other essential supplies are free. Consequently, you not only save on the price since they are cheaper, but also avoid the expenses you would pay in an off-campus apartment.

You have Easy Access to the Library

Academic excellence is the primary goal of being on campus. The ability to access facilities that are essential to your learning is a significant advantage. Residing on-campus keeps you close to the library, thus access to it is much easier compared to when living off-campus. Besides, you will have more time to visit the library as there is no moving in and out of campus.

Is On-Campus Accommodation the Best Option?

While there are advantages of living on campus, individuals may have a different view. Therefore, it is essential to consider the benefits and weigh with what you value in residing off-campus. Besides, most of these facilities are in most cases reserved for freshmen, and other students may not secure space.

Going off to college is a nerve-racking experience for both parents and students. Staying the the college dorms is one of the easiest ways to secure housing while you are in school and has some great benefits for your student. In some cases, financial aid can help to cover the expense of campus housing.

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