Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

While sugar scrubs are popular now you will find that salt scrubs can be very good for fighting cellulite, reducing water retention, and sooth sore tired muscles. This blend of Himalayan Pink and Epsom salts leave your body relaxed after a long hard day. I love to very my oils in this Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub. My favorite right now in Mandarin. It smells sweet and slightly of cotton candy which leaves me so happy after my shower.

Give this homemade Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub a try

Why Himalayan Pink Salt?

While this salt scrub is more costly than most basic homemade scrubs it is worth the extra cost. The higher count of minerals including calcium, magnesium, and iron is great for your skin. Himalayan pink salt can balance your ph and help lower your blood pressure allowing you to relax and protect your health. I added a bit of Epsom salt to up the magnesium to help my legs relax so I can sleep better but you could do only Himalayan pink salt just fine.

What you need to make Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Make your own Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Start by mixing your essential oil into the sweet almond oil to properly dilute it.

Mix in salts stirring until oil is distributed evenly.

Pour into your jar and shake well with each use.

How to get the most of your Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Use this scrub to massage areas of your body that needs soothing after a long day, exfoliate away dry skin, and improve circulation to fight cellulite.

You have got to try this Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub after a long hard day.

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