3 Tips for DIY Homeschool Organization

If you’re like me you need big help getting organized. Ok maybe it is just me but in January I put out a cry for help in the Homeschool Tips for Moms group because I was beyond lost when it came to homeschool organization. We have a tight budget and a big problem. We have way too much homeschool supplies but when you have 4 kids to educate you don’t want to keep paring down. You will need that stuff one day.

3 Tips for DIY Homeschool OrganizationMake your own magazine type boxes to hold workbooks, notebooks, and folders.

I love up-cycling materials running around my home. I remember making these in elementary school for our classroom to help keep 30+ kids organized. (Everyone that tells me I should be a teacher for a school takes note: this is why I am not.) If it works for 30 it will work for 4 kids and me, right? Simply cut the box down into a magazine box shape and decorate with materials from the craft box. Put each child’s name on the boxes and never go searching for missing folders again.

Up cycle containers into homeschool organization on a dime.

If you saw my post you will know my biggest challenge is manipulatives. They seem to take over. I had no choice but to get creative or spend extra money. I made the choice to go green and save some too. I looked around for large containers that normally go into the trash like plastic coffee cans and glass jars. (I love to reuse glass jars.) Check out these tips for storing Manipulatives in up-cycled containers.

Shipping boxes to organize big stuff.

Do you have a lot of things for one subject or supplies? If so it probably feels like no amount of homeschool organization will fix it. You can control the clutter. When boxes come from deliveries (You know you love Amazon Prime as much as the rest of us) you can use those large boxes to sort and store things. Boxes fit neatly in a closet where they can store for a long time.


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