Easter Bonnet DIY

After enjoying our first winter in years I have caught a case of spring fever. I just can’t wait to get the kids dressed up and outside for spring pictures again. To tide me over I started making this cute Easter Bonnet. You can even make your own Easter Bunny Ears Perfect to wear on your own Easter egg hunt.

easy cute Easter bonnet DIY

I wanted my 2-year-old Owl to model this one with her cute little puffy pink dress. Alas, she is in the whole naked twos stage and quite stuck on NOT getting dressed up to model this hat for me. Luckily my Monkey who is always up for anything with mommy volunteered to help me with this one. The project itself was super easy even she could have done it on her own.

This Easter bonnet takes only two items from the local dollar tree. They have this cute but simple bonnets every year as spring rolls in. They are great for Easter and for protecting little ones from the sun while they help in the garden. The other item is a cute scarf the dollar tree carries. I am super happy about them having the scarves as the children love using scarves for pretend play and you can not really beat $1 for the children to have a little fun for a long time.

I love cute and cheap dress up projects for the kids. This Easter Bonnet fits the bill

Creating this Easter Bonnet is super easy. Just rip off the twine and tiny flowers already on the hat. You will need to do a bit of cutting to get the flower part off. Then simply wrap the scarf around the bonnet lining the ends up and tie a nice double knot.

This is super easy and so cheap I did not bat an eye when little Owl decide she would wear nothing but the bonnet, then that hat and with the scarf around her neck… Then she put it on the dog. I think I may need a few more of these for all of the girls but they can’t see them till picture day.

Girls just love cute dressy bonnets and this one is cheap and easy to make.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and don’t forget our FREE Resurrection Egg Printable.

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  • Megan Indoe says:

    Great idea for kids! I think I had a hat like that when I was little. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alex says:

    I think a lot of parents can have some fun with this come Easter! Thanks for sharing

  • Amy Scott says:

    I don’t have kids yet but I love the fun of Easter crafts. It’s the sweetest little craft oriented holiday for little girls especially!

  • Joanna says:

    Great idea for children! Do you know about the bonnet tradition from the UK? 🙂

  • Gav says:

    Nice idea shared, making it easier for parents to make their kids smile!

  • Sylwia | Vibrant Food Stories says:

    what a great idea ! I’ll spend some time with my sisters kids this weekend and play around with DIY! Thanks for sharing

  • Ana De- Jesus says:

    I love your DIY bonnet. The colours and textures are beautiful I love how well you have crafted it xx

  • Laura H says:

    That bonnet is adorable! Unfortunately it looks like something my mum would love to wear xD She’s so embarrassing!

  • Humayun Rashid says:

    Simply your bonet was awesome. Love that

  • Mukul Bhandari says:

    Hey this was so nice and easy. Thanks for explaining it so nicely 🙂

  • Rej says:

    This looks so cute!!! I actually want to get involved in more DIY crafts but I’m not really artsy. LOL.

  • Lawrence Hamilton says:

    Easter Crafts. One of the much more enjoyable parts of Easter. Pretty hats!

  • Akriti says:

    That was awesome! My mother taught me how to knit and crochet, since then I am in love with making hats and scarfs 😊

  • RaNesha says:

    I love the color perfect for Easter Sunday!