How Much Does it Cost to Install and Maintain an Electric Hot Water System?

Are you planning to buy a hot water system for your home or office? If so, what’s going to be foremost in your mind is the cost. Did you stop to realize that cost doesn’t include just the hot water system’s price, as there are many other things in play that add to the cost? Find more here before buying a hot water system.

Also, consider the following factors while installing and maintaining an electric hot water system.

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Electric hot water systems, as the name implies, run on electric power to heat the water. Typically, the tank storage capacity of such systems ranges between 25 and 400 litres. These systems’ prices range from $420 to $860, with the prices increasing with the size.  

You also have tankless electric hot water systems, popularly known as instantaneous or continuous hot water systems. These systems heat the water as it runs from the tap, thus doing away with storing the water in a tank

. The prices of these hot water systems range from $600 to $1200. The advantage of these hot water systems is that they consume less electricity as the exact required quantity needs to be heated each time. 

Delivery Expenses

Besides the electric hot water system’s price, you need to pay the delivery charges to have the system delivered to your home. While some vendors include the delivery charges in the price list, most of the suppliers add delivery charges additionally. The cost of delivery is based on the hot water system’s size, weight, and travel distance. 

Installation Costs

It’s not enough to get the delivery of your new hot water system at your home. You must get it installed by a professional.  If you are replacing an old hot water system, the installation costs will be much less than installing one for the first time. 

Switching to a new model calls for replacing the entire plumbing. If new pipes and fittings have to be laid, the cost increases proportionately. If new power lines are required, this also adds to the cost as other tradespeople need to be called in.  

Location and Accessibility

The labour charges will vary, depending on the location of your property. If there are any accessibility complications, this drives the costs higher.

Similarly, if the house or office is on the upper floors without a lift, the additional charges need to be borne by you.

However, if your property is centrally located and is on the ground floor with easily accessible roads, the costs will remain relatively low. 

Availing of Government Rebates and Incentives

In a few cases, the Australian government offers rebates and incentives when purchasing energy-efficient hot water systems. Learn more about availing of the rebates and incentives online, which can be $1,000 in some cases. 

Disposing of your Old Hot Water System

While replacing your old hot water system, you need to take sufficient precautions while disposing of the old system. While some companies are willing to take away the old system without any charges, most other companies charge for the removal and disposal of old hot water systems. 

Most of us believe that the hot water system’s price includes all the costs while purchasing a new hot water system. However, there are other costs, which can add up to quite a lot of money. Hence, looking around and inquiring before making the purchase.

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