How to Keep Your Little Ones Safe from Indoor Health Hazards

Your children are undoubtedly one of the essential parts of your life, and their safety is always a priority. Your home must function as efficiently and safely as possible, whether they’re newborns or growing toddlers.

Every household has potential health hazards, but if you’re taking steps to keep them away from your children, their safety will never become a concern. Let’s look at some helpful tips to keep your little ones safe around the house.

Keep Wildlife Outside

Older homes are especially prone to unwelcomed wildlife, particularly raccoons. Vulnerable entry points can act as gateways for raccoons to enter, putting the health and safety of your family at-risk. To ensure your children aren’t exposed to their potential diseases, you’ll need to conduct a thorough sweep of the interior and exterior of your home — from the gutters and roof to the crawlspace and attic.

Sealing off exposed areas in your home may be too much to take on alone. That’s why companies like Wildlife Shield offer raccoon removal in Brampton and across the GTA. They know the health hazards these critters pose to households in the city — especially ones with young children.

Hide Your Cleaning Products

With young children running around, you’re likely cleaning areas like the kitchen or living room multiple times per day. If that’s the case, and cleaning chemicals are exposed, they must never be within reach for your little ones.

Cleaning products contain harsh chemicals, which can cause severe medical issues if your children get their hands on them. When they’re stored, ensure a child-proof latch keeps the doors closed.

Avoid Candles & Matches

We know how relaxing, and enjoyable lighting candles can be, no matter the time of day. However, when you have young kids at home, these features become health and safety hazards. Little ones can easily knock over candles or get their hands on a lighter or match. It’s best to avoid lighting any candles until they’re safely in bed. If you’re looking for extra warmth during the day, an LED candle could recreate the same effect.

Hiding Exposed Wires

Most households have more than one piece of electronic equipment — from televisions to stereo sets, computers, and more. Kids can easily unplug chords or get too close to power outlets if they’re within reach. It’s essential that wires and other electronics are kept on high shelves or in locked cabinets, so your little ones cannot reach them.

For televisions, often present in households with children, ensure it’s mounted to the wall, and the wires are bound together and secured — taped either to the wall or attached to the television itself.

Families have so much to deal with in their daily lives, but it’s crucial to remember keeping your children safe is a full-time job — just like every other component of their livelihoods. The younger your children are, the more work it takes to ensure your home is free from animals, chemicals, and fire hazards. With a few simple practices in mind, your home can be a safe and comfortable place for your children to grow up.

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