How to Make the Most of Being at Home

There’s no denying that it’s been a difficult year around the globe. With current times calling for us to stay home and social distance as much as possible, boredom has likely started to make it feel like one day blends into the next. The good news is that being stuck at home doesn’t have to feel like being stuck at all. Now it’s time to remember there’s no place like home and start making the most of it! 

Embrace Your Space with Minimalist Design 

Being home for months on end can be overwhelming, even more so if you’re living in a land of clutter and mess. After all, who enjoys reading a book next to a pile of dirty laundry or wants to bump into fifteen different things while trying to do a couple of yoga stretches. To start making the most out of being at home try embracing a minimalist style approach to free up your space. 

In other words, less is more! The goal is to avoid overcrowded rooms with too much décor or furniture elements and creating a functional but welcoming environment instead. Make your home feel more like a relaxing escape from the outside world, and try some minimalist techniques to start, such as:

  • Clearing rooms of any items that don’t belong 
  • Rearrange any furniture (like couches or reading chairs) pushed against walls into a centralized layout to give a room more functional flow
  • Open windows to let in as much light as possible 

After any minimalist home makeover there is sure to be plenty of belongings that will need to be properly stored for safe keeping. Save the headache of trying to figure out how to cram things into whatever available storage space you have at home and get those belongings out of sight and out of mind using the self storage has to offer. 

One thing is for sure, having a clutter-free and open living space will make for a much more relaxing at home experience. 

Find Fulfilling Ways to Reduce Stress

Freeing up your space for more room to move around and live in is a wonderful start, but it’s a good idea to incorporate other ways to help make being at home more enjoyable. With a more open furniture layout, take advantage of that space by trying calming activities, such as: 

  • Meditation 
  • Laying on the floor (flat on your back) and practicing deep breathing
  • Stretching  
  • Yoga 

Another great way to create a more pleasant atmosphere at home and help to improve personal well-being is listening to music. There is nothing better than music to get the body happy to be moving, not to mention other benefits, like:

  • Elevating mood
  • Reducing stress
  • Strengthening memory 

Let your favorite songs fill your home and lift your mood to help navigate through each day with a little more ease. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing like no one is watching and realizing that home can be your favorite place to be!

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