How Satellite Media Can Improve Your Business

By 2021, it’s expected that a third of the world’s population will own one or more social media accounts; this is about 3.3 billion people. This is all bliss for businesses hoping to expand in the online space. In as much as the numbers are good for businesses and organizations seeking to provide services to a large pool of people, the question you should be asking yourself is, “What am I doing to ensure this online wave doesn’t pass me by?” You should take note that being left behind here could tantamount to business closure and losses you can’t bear. That’s why in keeping up with the social media train, we introduce you to satellite media marketing.

What is Satellite Media Marketing?

A satellite media tour can simply be said to be publicity through TVs and radios whereby important public figures or an organization’s spokesperson carries out a series of interviews from a single location hence reaching millions countrywide. Not only does this save on travel costs, but it also enables you to cover a wide range of topics with the interviewee hence delivering actual news value for both the firm and the media.

The practice has been around for a good number of years. Nonetheless, the present era has seen major developments on the internet thus making it possible to conduct satellite media tours online. The trend is set to continue with the continued reduction in TV and radio usage. It’s thus important for organizations hoping to conduct such tours to consider ways in which they can minimize costs by conducting simple online satellite media tours through platforms such as Facebook Live or even YouTube.

Conducting SMTs Successfully

You may be considering to run for the interviews but be found lacking in skill and preparation to do so. SMTs are cost-effective as already said and could be used by both big and small businesses alike. Thus, to position yourself well in advance before your satellite media tour calls for a number of steps.

Right Person for the Job

You are creating brand awareness, and you’ll be able to reach out to millions at the same time. Start by considering whom you want to be the face of the organization. In as much you could use a celebrity for this purpose, you should ensure they will deliver the results. The person chosen should be well prepared in advance and carry sufficient company knowledge – they should be ready for whatever question that comes their way.

It’s a Teaching Opportunity

This is where most businesses fail to deliver – they use the satellite media tours as a sales pitching point rather than using it to inform and educate. You should seek to be as informative as possible and appear less like a marketer. This is dependent on the news being delivered: it could be a new product being introduced or even a merger with another firm.

Pitch Well in Advance

The last-minute rush will be your biggest undoing. You need to pitch the SMT to the producers well in advance so you can also have sufficient time to prepare your spokesperson. This also allows for time to clear up the station’s bookings and get you the perfect time to conduct yours.

Be Concise & Clear

Time is not your biggest friend here: the producers and reporters have bookings and are mostly on the clock. You want to maximize the allocated time and deliver as much as you can. The only way to do so is to have clarity of purpose and a clear message.

Once you have established your goals for going for an SMT and you have made the necessary plans, delivering is the easier part as long as you have an experienced brand ambassador. It’s that simple and direct, only make sure you don’t flank during message delivery which will paint a not-so-good picture on your publicity ratings. All the best!

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