How to Decide Whether to DIY or Hire a Professional

You finally have your own space thats all yours to decorate and furnish however you please, however, some of the projects you want to do are a bit more involved than others. How do you decide which projects you should do yourself and which you should hand off to contractors? You want it to be perfect and you want it to be your own, so having a task handed off to someone else isn’t exactly in your idea of renovating your home.

However, it’ll be necessary for some projects that you work with contractors. Homeowners are increasingly turning to pros for renovation projects, with 88% of homeowners hiring a professional in 2017. So what can you do yourself? And what needs to be done by a contractor? Here we’ll discuss some basic guidelines for how you can decide if you can handle it or if it’d be better for a contractor to.

Cost of the Project

The first thing you’ll want to consider when deciding if you or a contractor should take on a project is how much it’ll cost you. This means the price of all the materials, but also the cost of repair should you do something wrong and need to fix it. Is this a task that the risk is minimal enough it won’t break your bank? Or is this project more high-risk financially and would be better to just let a professional handle it? Depending on your budget, the answer may differ from person to person. Decide what’s best for you!

Size of the Project

The next factor to consider is the size of the project. If you’re creating an outdoor space for you and your friends and family to enjoy like more than 40% of homeowners do, it may be worth hiring a contractor for parts of it, but not the whole project. For example, it may not be worth your time to lay down patio bricks or build a deck by yourself. However, if a contractor handles a part of the project while you spend your time and energy doing the rest, the project will be complete that much sooner and easier.

Risk of the Project

Finally, a major factor you should consider prior to tackling a home renovation project is the risk involved for your health. For example, should you need your roof fixed, this may be too dangerous of a job for your liking. However, if you were to hire a roofing contractor, the project would be done quickly and easily. Similarly, 98% of basements will experience some type of water damage. Are you prepared with the correct safety precautions should you need to deal with mold damage? Dealing with water damage may be something you consider an easy task and manageable for yourself, though you may also decide to let someone else handle that while you pick out new floor tiles for your kitchen. You’ll have to decide if the task is worth it to do yourself or better to hand off to professionals.

When it comes to deciding whether to hire a contractor or do it yourself, you’ll have to consider the cost, size, and risk of the project at hand. Delegate the more difficult or costly projects to contractors while saving the more enjoyable tasks for yourself.

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