Easiest Ways to Save Money on Home Renovation

Out with the old, in with the new! Every few years, our homes need a little makeover too. Since quarantine, we all have probably thought about doing something new to our homes. Whether it be interior or exterior, renovating it was probably in our minds the first few months in quarantine. After all, a comfy home is a happy home. What better way to feel comfort in your own home than to envision the kind of home you want to live in. Better yet, the best way to feel comfort is to make your vision into reality. We all have preferences for what we define as a perfect home, but whether our budget may be big or small, renovation can be quite costly. Your spending can go out of hand fast. Not to worry, in this article, we give you the best tips and tricks that can help you manage your home renovation on a budget. Here are a few things you should take in mind: 

  1. Shop online

Online shopping is quite easy these days. With the many furniture and hardware stores going online, you can pretty much buy everything on the internet. The best thing about the internet is that you can find discount codes on discount codes in every corner! Sites such as RebatesMe.com offer home depot deal of the day for the best deals on items you can use to renovate your home.

  1. Stick to a tight to budget

We get it, sometimes, you might not even have a budget. But knowing the kind of budget you have is essential. This helps you look for furniture or hardware so much easier. Sticking isn’t always synonymous to cheap anyway, so identify your budget because it’s always a good idea to know how much of your total income is allotted for a purchase! 

  1. Take your time

We don’t know when quarantine will end, and so will this pandemic. You have so much time to renovate your home! Consider taking your time with your renovation. You never know what other tiny detail you want to add, or even better- a discount on that expensive furniture item you were eyeing in store! If you have enough money, or no budget at all, it can be quite tempting to keep planning and buying and renovating, but the best things always come to those who wait! So take your time and enjoy it too. 

  1. Reuse materials

Renovating doesn’t always mean buying new. A more sustainable way of renovating your home is to use what you already have stored in your house. Another thing is buying things second hand. Places such as thrift stores, vintage stores, or even yard sales are perfect for your next renovation! These are not only cheap, but most of the time, items from these places are vintage- if it’s lasted a long time for the old owner, it will probably last long for you too! 

  1. Sell what you won’t use

If you are going to the thrift store or yard sale to buy “new” furniture, then the past owners probably sold those items for the same reason! Sell your old ceiling lights, couch, old fixtures, shelves, coffee table, or anything that you think won’t fit your new home and give it to someone else that can maximize its life. You can sell these on facebook marketplace, craigslist, or even ebay! Use the money from your old items to buy new ones for your home.

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