How To Get The Most From Your Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery services like Shipt are great for getting food to your home fast without having to go out. this is one of my favorite ways to get food during the busy 4th quarter when I am working extra long days and my husband is working extra long nights. Instead of taking a break from work and waking my poor husband up to go get milk, I have it delivered to the house. These tips will help you get the most of your grocery service.

Tips for getting the most of your grocery delivery service.

Place your order ahead of time before you need it. When delivery services get busy finding a slot for delivery can be difficult. This was never an issue before last spring but it is something to consider as we move into winter. You can change your order around if you discover you need something between placing the order and when it is shopped.

Always set acceptable replacement items. Make it easy on your driver by giving them suggested item replacements that work for you and your family. When you do this they can shop easier and faster helping them manage what is often multiple orders each trip.

Tip your delivery person from the start. I know we often tip according to the service we receive but the truth is you will get better service if they already know you are tipping them. They do not make a lot of money doing this unless they score an order with a bonus attached. This can be a great way to ensure a great experience. A happy shopper is more likely to bend over backward to find your favorite gluten-free waffles.

Always check the sales. While you may not always find a sale you can make work for your family you may get lucky. These sales offer discounts and free delivery for minimum orders and can reduce your overall cost while helping to build your stockpile.

Take a peek at the coupons. When you have a minimum to reach you can take advantage of the coupon section to try new things or stock up on favorites. Coupons are a great way to save money on your grocery deliveries that are usually slightly higher than if you want to the store for yourself.

Invite your friends and family to try the delivery service you use. Both Shipt and Instant Cart offer referral bonuses that can help reduce the cost of having your groceries delivered and help you get a bit more value for your grocery budget even if you are stuck at home.

Place a large grocery basket on your porch. This will give you a handy place to toss all fo the bags when your food arrives. This makes it easy to keep bags from touching the rest of your home when you take them inside and makes carrying them in a breeze. This is my favorite trick for Aldi shopping as well with a basket for cold and a basket for the pantry in the trunk.

Grocery delivery services are great for times like these but even after things settle they can be a major asset to your daily life. Like when we needed a few items during my dad’s memorial and we were able to get them delivered without having to leave.

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