How to Keep Your Home Cleaner for Longer

For some people, being tidy comes naturally. But for others, it may seem like a never-ending battle. No matter how hard they try, their house always looks like a hurricane just went through it. Too many times, however, it is because of bad habits they may have picked up over the years. The good news is that it’s never too late to turn the situation around and make real changes. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to keep your home cleaner for longer.

Have a ‘No Shoes Inside’ Policy

We know that you may not want to inconvenience your guests by asking them to remove their shoes at the door, but your floors will thank you. Just having a shoe rack at the door and a few spare clean slippers for visitors will make things easier. Just let them know why you’re doing it, and if they care about you and your house, they will most will kindly comply.

Make Sure the Air is Clean

A lot of people may not realize it, but the air inside the house could be one of the reasons why you can’t seem to get rid of dust. You have to make sure that you clean the ducts and change the filters in your furnace or AC unit regularly to make sure that dust isn’t recirculated around the house.

You have suppliers like that will allow you to find air filters for virtually any model on the market. You can get better filters that will not only remove particles from the air and help you keep your counters and bookshelves cleaner, but remove certain pathogens and allergens as well. If you’re behind on your filter maintenance, you can get fast delivery across the United States.

Simplify and Downsize

Cleaning a crowded room and keeping it clean is much more trouble than with a room with more of a minimalistic look. If you have lots of heavy furniture, you should try to downsize to give yourself more room. Instead of bulky furniture, invest in some storage solutions instead.


You shouldn’t beat yourself up because you weren’t able to clean your whole house in a day. Instead, try to give yourself a couple of realistic objectives. Make sure that you stick to them, however. You can work on 2 or 3 important tasks that absolutely need to be done, and move the rest to the next day.

Make Sure that Everyone is On Board

You also have to make sure that everyone in the family plays their part, and make sure that there will be some consequences if they don’t. Taking away device privileges until their room is clean will make sure that they keep it clean in the future. You should also give tasks to every family member based on their age. If you have children around the same age that can do the same chores, make sure to rotate them so that there’s no perception of favoritism.

Try to Leave Rooms with Something

This is a simple trick that could make a big difference in the long run. You should always try to leave with something in your hands every time you leave a room. For instance, if you go to the bathroom and notice something that could go in the laundry, do it. If you see something in the living room that doesn’t belong there, take it with you. Just doing this could significantly limit the amount of clutter around the house, especially if everyone gets involved.

Focus on Areas with High Traffic

You should also be spending more energy on the areas that see the most action. This will allow you to limit the amount of dust and dirt that will end up being dispersed around the house. If you happen to have a dog, make sure that there’s a towel or mat at the door so you can wipe their paws before they get in. 

Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer

You also have to make sure that you take the steps necessary to keep the outside of your home clean. One of the best things you could do is either invest in a pressure washer or rent one from time to time. This will make cleaning your siding and gutters super easy, and make sure that there is no build-up. This is also a great option if you happen to have a deck. A pressure washer can be used virtually anywhere around the house and makes cleaning structures and surfaces a breeze.

Keeping your house clean isn’t rocket science. It’s all about having a clear plan and executing it, having the help of everybody, and trying to integrate some good habits into your everyday routine.

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