How to pest-proof your home in the winter months

Now that the colder months are upon us, you are probably starting to think of ways to ensure that any furry friends don’t end up in your homes. Taking action to protect your property will ensure that any nesting is done elsewhere, and prevents the pitter-patter of animal feet from roaming your loft this coming Spring! If you are unsure where to start, or are actively considering options, then here are some suggestions on how to prevent raccoon and other such animals from lodging in your homes. 

How to tell if raccoons are residing in your home

At first glance, Raccoons appear soft and cuddly; their black markings perfectly distinguished against their striking white features. While they are indeed wonderful to gaze upon, these charming animals are mistakenly intelligent, and sometimes hostile. Raccoons are able to adapt to their environments, whether that be vast greenery of forests, or great urban cities like Toronto. It can be difficult to tell if you have raccoon in your property; raccoons do not hibernate like some of their other counterparts but they can sleep for long periods of time. At times such as these, it can be hard to know who to contact for the safe removal of the animals, especially when not wanting to antagonize them. Keeping a watchful eye for any animal tracks and faeces in your garden, are a sure way of establishing if you have any unwelcome guests or not. 

Who to contact for safe and humane removal of Raccoons

The most obvious choice here, is to contact a local pest control agency in your area. When considering the choices, it is often best advised to select a company within your monetary budget. No need to put yourself in financial strive! There are plenty of options out there to choose from, with many offering the ability to get a quote before booking. Not only does this save you some money – always a positive – but can also allow you to select from a wide range of award-winning pest-control companies. If that is the level of service that you are interested in, consider raccoon removal from Swat Wildlife. Covering a vast area in central Toronto, Swat Wildlife provide safe and humane raccoon removal seven days a week. 

How to prevent Raccoon from nesting in your home and garden

Following the safe raccoon removal, it is ideal to consider the ways that you can deter the animals from doing the same thing in the future. This will prevent any potential damage to your property, and protect you and your loved ones, including four-legged friends! The most obvious choice is to locate the raccoon’s path into your property, and board it up where necessary. Using an ammonia-soaked cloth in your garden encourages the animals to find another place to nest, all while not harming them in any way. Following the work from the City of Toronto Government back in 2016, ensure that any garbage disposal and bins are properly secure and covered. This simple measure will prevent any pests from devouring your leftovers, particularly raccoons who enjoy doing so!

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