6 Tips for Reorganizing Your Vanity

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Bathroom vanities are something that many of us use every day, and without proper organization, they can get very messy very quickly. If you’re looking to refresh and reorganize your vanity to make it both a fashionable and functional space, keep reading for some tips and ideas.

1. Clean Out Your Products

The first step in reorganizing your vanity is to make sure that there aren’t extra things that you don’t use or need floating around in any of the storage space. Start by taking everything out of your cabinets, off the counter, and taking things out of any other storage spaces in your bathroom. Once you have everything out, you can see everything that you have to you can see what you actually use and what you don’t.

If you bought a bold lipstick two years ago that you thought you were going to wear, but it’s still in its packaging, it’s probably time for it to find a new home or be thrown away. For expired products, make sure that you throw them out and don’t just give them away. For example, if you bought a pharmaceutical cream but never really used it, you can’t give it away if it’s more than one year old because after that period of time there are only preservatives left and no active ingredients. Make sure to check out expiration dates on both cosmetics and skincare or self-care products to ensure that anything you’re keeping is still in working order.

The hardest part of this step can be convincing yourself that you really don’t need products that you haven’t used in ages. Odds are if you haven’t worn that lipstick in the past two years, you probably won’t start now. Get rid of enough things to free up some space in your

2. Organize By Use

After you’ve gone through all of your products and gotten rid of the expired or unused products, it’s time to organize them. Here are a few categories that you can use to organize your products:

  • Daily products.
  • Hair products.
  • Makeup.
  • Nails.
  • Any other categories that you feel you need.

Keeping things organized by the way you use them means that it will be much easier to find them what you’re looking for without having to disrupt everything else in the cabinet or drawer you’re looking in.

3. Contain Everything

Once you’ve cleaned out your cosmetics collection and organized everything you kept into categories, it’s time to put it all back into your cupboards and drawers. However, you can’t just throw everything back in the vanity and expect it to be a usable form of organization. Instead, buy some containers to organize and divide up the products before you put them away.

Clear storage containers are a great option because you’re able to see what’s in them without having to root around to figure it out. Many stores sell clear plastic drawer or tabletop organizers that you can use for makeup, skincare, or personal products. You can also use clear glass mason jars for cute countertop storage of things like floss picks or cotton balls. Just make sure that anything on your countertop matches the decor of your bathroom to make it feel purposeful.

Make sure that everything you put away has a designated area so that you know exactly where something should go and for ease of use both when you’re putting it away and taking it out.

4. Utilize All Of Your Space

If you have smaller cabinets, you can utilize the doors by having hooks on the inside of the cabinet door to hang things like scissors, brushes, and hair tools like straighteners. You can also add a magnetic strip that is made for kitchen knives and instead place any metal tools that you keep in your bathroom like nail clippers as well as metal hair products like bobby pins or hair clips.

5. Keep Important Things Accessible

If you have products that you use every day, keeping them as accessible as possible will prevent you from destroying all of your in-cabinet organization every time you reach for your moisturizer or concealer. For smaller products and knick-knacks, you can put a catch-all tray or dish on the counter. In that spot, you can keep things like jewelry, spare keys, or anything else you need easy access to. Keeping spare keys in an easily accessible spot is always a good idea since there are about 16,000 car and home lockouts every day in the U.S.

For larger products, consider some open shelving near your vanity. Product packaging has come a long way in recent years, and most skincare and makeup products come in very pretty containers that you can easily display without it looking ugly or cluttered. Make sure not to overpack these shelves though, or else it will end up being cluttered and not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be. Make sure that anything you’re putting on the shelf has space and is not being crammed to avoid a cluttered look.

6. Install New Lights

Lighting can really make or break a vanity space. If you can’t really see what you’re doing, you might put on too much eyeliner, lipstick, blush, or even skincare product, and not know until it’s too late to fix it. Installing LED lights is a good idea because not only are they bright and give off a beautiful light, they are also on the rise — in 2019, 53% of the global lighting market was made of LED lights.

Reorganizing and adding to your bathroom vanity can make it more usable and overall more useful. If you know where all of your products are, you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the hairspray or moisturizer you’re looking for while you’re in a rush to get to work. Adding creative storage solutions and new lighting can make your vanity a space where you can actually feel relaxed and get ready to take on the day instead of a place that stresses you out to look at.

What is your favorite part of your bathroom vanity? Did you use any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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