How to Plan a Family “Staycation” This Fall

After staying indoors for months on end, it’s good to assume that a vast majority of people want to get out and take a break from their homes. Finances, however, may also not be in the best form for many families, and with many borders closed, it’s possible that you can’t go far anyway. You can, however, plan a staycation, so read on to see how you can do so and give your family a treat they will enjoy!

Why’s a Staycation a Great Idea?

A staycation is a great idea for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, it may not be possible to travel to most places due to stringent restrictions. A staycation, therefore, gives you the chance to change your scenery while not going too far away. On average, the price for staying on a timeshare for a week is $21,455, so when you consider the financial aspect, a staycation is still a great deal.

Plan Some Fun Activities Right In Your Backyard

You’ll also need to plan some fun activities for your backyard. Staying at home may not be your initial idea, but it is the cheapest staycation you can have. You can spice things up and come up with fun activities that will liven up your time outdoors. Plan a stargazing session, roast some marshmallows in the fire pit, grill some sandwiches, and plan some immersive outdoor games with your family.

Cook a Homemade Dinner As a Family

With a large number of people getting takeout due to having hectic schedules, you could plan to cook a homemade dinner together. If you feel like the whole family won’t fit in your kitchen at once, you could earmark it for a renovation in the future. With 14% of homeowners planning to make improvements and renovations to their kitchens in 2018, it’s clear to see that this is a common project across the country. All the same, find a way to make it work, and you will have a stronger bond and enjoy the experience.

Splurge On One Luxury

While splurging is not a word many people want to hear at this time, you could have an exception as a family and come up with just one thing you consider a luxury. Splurge on it and enjoy it together as a family during your staycation, and revel in the fact that it may have cost a lot more to actually go on vacation anyway, so celebrate it as a saving. Just don’t go overboard; leave your savings intact, as this will help you cater to all your family’s needs over the coming months.

Enjoy a “Fancy” Brunch On Your Back Deck

Dress up and have a fancy, local brunch right on your back deck. Although brunch began in England, it took 30 years to become a common fixture in America. Now that it’s here and considered an indulgence for many, enjoy it and make the most of it for your staycation. Enjoy the luxury of having a mid-morning meal as a family with scrumptious breakfast foods, fruit, pastries, and more.

You only need to plan one successful staycation to realize that you can all have fun at home. While it’s great to go away every now and then, it’s good to make the most of every situation. In the current situation, therefore, you will find that a staycation may just offer your family the break you all needed!

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