How to Protect Kids Against Domestic Hazards

Your home is a place of life. Here, you celebrate life with your loved ones. Among these invaluable relationships exist some of the most vulnerable humans—kids. Thus, you must make your home kid-secure and friendly. Doing so isn’t difficult if you follow the tips in this article regarding hazards around the home. Remain onboard to learn how to protect your children from these hazards.

Deal With Choking Sources 

Choking is one of the leading hazards around the home, endangering kids’ lives. This hazard is so grave that it’s the fourth-largest cause of accidental death in the U.S. For instance, it killed over 5,000 children in 2015 alone. Choking could endanger your children in many ways, like dinner bites or swallowing small items.

Thus, responsible parenthood requires you to learn about choking sources in the home and respond by:

  • Inspecting toys to detect any loose parts
  • Keeping all potential choking hazards out of children’s reach
  • Keeping all small and hard foods like nuts away from kids’ reach

Install Smoke Alarms in the Home

Fire is among the leading hazards around the home across the U.S. In 2018 alone, the U.S. had reported over 363,000 fires in the home. Sadly, these fires claimed 3,655 lives. Of course, you wouldn’t want your child to be a part of these stats, would you?

So, be proactive and do the following to protect your children against fire hazards:

  • Invest in smart fire and smoke detectors around the home to enable you to monitor it remotely using your smartphone.
  • Install alarms in strategic locations such as basements, entry points, and all sleeping areas.
  • Test all your fire and smoke alarms monthly to ensure they are functional.
  • Change all your smoke alarm batteries annually or after it chirps.
  • Never disable smoke alarms.

Take Care of Electrical Safety

Maintaining electrical safety at home prevents potential hazards around the home. It would be nice to allow a licensed electrician to install safety switches to cut off power to avoid electrocution. Again, replace all electrical appliances and cables before they wear out. Don’t forget to cover all power points to prevent kids from poking them.

Prevent Falls

Falls are another category of hazards around the home you have to prevent. Kids and adults can fall and sustain severe bone and head injuries. Wet floors and slippery stairs are some of the common areas to address. Don’t forget to deal with scattered toys because they could cause kids to slip. Lastly, stabilize your staircases and clear all outdoor steps to protect your children in the home.

Keep and Dispose of Poisons 

Poisoning is another hazard to address at home. Make your home environment free from poisoning hazards and safe for children by:

  • Keeping away all poisons from children’s reach
  • Removing all potential poisons from the home
  • Securely lock all doors leading to cupboards that store poisons

Use these tips to play your role and create a hazard-free home for your children, especially during these holidays when they’re at home.

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