When Should You Consider Getting a Weighted Blanket?

If you are worried about whether you still need a weighted blanket, it is imperative to understand its exact purpose. Generally, the weighted blanket is used to remedy specific health issues arising from sleep disorder and stress. People suffering from anxiety, ‘restless leg syndrome’ and depression find it useful. 

That said, it is also an expensive buy, but the benefits are much greater than the price. More often than not, it is exclusively sold via the internet. This makes a physical trial almost impossible. As a result, you have to consider whether you really need it carefully. Analyzing its exact effectiveness is crucial. 

The purpose of a weighted blanket

 One easy way to decide whether you need a weighted blanket is by understanding its real purpose. For that, it is essential to understand what a weighted blanket is? Typically, it is a somewhat heavier type of blanket. Its weight is supposed to have a calming effect on you. It creates a cozy and comfortable sensation. A weighted blanket is often helpful for those battling sleep disorder or sleeplessness.

However, while a good blanket can guarantee a good night’s sleep, appropriate weight and quality are crucial. The perfect sized one will help you drift into a deep sleep, but the results may vary if it isn’t accurate. 

What’s the right weight?

 There is no precise formula as to the exact weight of an ideal blanket. But a back of the hand calculation reveals 10 percent of your body weight is more or less suitable for a blanket. But there is no set formula, and it may not work for everyone. 

For some, a slightly lighter blanket may work better. It is hard to paint everyone’s needs with the same paint box. Personal preferences play a key role in this. Additionally, those with mobility issues need a lighter one. For children too, it is crucial to go for lighter ones. 

However, sleeplessness is a problem that is common amongst young adults to stressful lifestyles. In case someone is obese, the 10 percent calculation will not work. In any case, you must avoid blankets heavier than 35 pounds. However, don’t be too worried about your height. Often, it would be best if you use the same logic to apply with respect to buying a bed. The rule of the thumb is to go for the same as you apply for buying a bed sheet. 

Key considerations to buy a weighted blanket

1.     Weight

The filling of the blanket is important too. Normally, plastic pellets or glass beads are used to make the blanket heavier. As common sense indicates, plastic pellets are generally lighter. On the other hand, the glass beads used are often as small as the grain of sand. That’s why they occupy much less space, even for the same weight. This is why these are relatively thinner and keep you mobile. 

2.     Comfort

The other factor is your relative comfort using a blanket. Typically, the more breathable a blanket, the better it is in terms of effectiveness. While some like blankets with cover, others may like without covering. 

In all, personal preferences play a crucial role in it. Also, don’t go with what others opt for. It may not always fit your needs. 

3. Degree of cooling

 Though a weighted blanket can help address sleep disorders, they can also lead to sleeplessness. This is because some blankets tend to be very heavy and warm. This can make you rather hot whilst you are asleep. As a result, you may suddenly wake up, feeling hot and uncomfortable. This will negate the whole purpose of the weighted blanket. You may feel rather uncomfortable and end up sleeping a lot less than you wanted to. 

4.     Environmental Temperature

The season also plays a crucial role. If you stay in a cool place or if it is winter season, a weighted blanket can be ideal. However, on the other hand, it can be very uncomfortable in the summer season. Similarly, the requirements in a tropical region are very different from the temperate ones. The relative temperature and humidity levels determine the relative comfort and are crucial factors to consider. 

 Therefore, deciding if you still need a weighted blanket is a tricky call. It is not just dependent on your body weight and height but also the environment around. If you are suffering from stress or sleeplessness, don’t rush into buying a blanket. First of all, analyse, why are you losing sleep? If the reason is stress, the blanket might work for you. 

However, before choosing one, carefully consider all the associated factors. Look for the features and carefully read the user reviews, especially if the physical trial is not possible. Finally, also check if there is a return policy in place. So, you get a value for money deal. 

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