How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive. As spring rolls in, we hit the time when most weddings are planned. To get the most out of your big day you want to get the most out of your budget. Money is the number one cause of arguments for couples. There is no reason to go into debt when planning your wedding because you really do not want to start your marriage off with debt and money issues.

While you can skip the big wedding all together like we did getting married as teens but you may end up like us planning a second wedding in the future so you can have the whole experience. These tips will help you save on your wedding. 

Set a budget.

Before you even think about planning your wedding take a look at what you can afford for your wedding and stick to that budget. Set your budget 15-30% lower than your maximum leaving room for incidentals that may show up and blow your budget. Knowing your limit before you start can help you make choices that will save you money and get you the most for your budget.

Prioritizing Must-Have Elements

To truly optimize your wedding planning, it’s essential to prioritize the key elements that are of utmost importance to you.

Start by choosing affordable flowers for your big day. Consider opting for seasonal blooms or even silk flowers, which can be just as beautiful but more cost-effective. Another option is to use greenery and foliage as the main focus, which adds a natural and elegant touch without breaking the bank.

Finding budget-friendly entertainment can save you a significant amount of money. Look for local musicians or bands who offer reasonable rates or consider hiring a DJ instead of a live band. You could also ask friends or family members who are talented in music to perform at your wedding.

Prioritizing these must-have elements will help you create your dream wedding while staying within your budget.

Shop for deals on Amazon.

Place anything you plan to buy off Amazon onto your free wedding registry before you purchase. This will help you reach your $500 minimum to get the 20% off completion discount on anything you need after the wedding. While this will not lower the out of pocket cost on your wedding this trick will help you save money on setting up your new home after.  — Sign up for a free wedding registry here —

Get free gift cards

Use sites like Swagbucks and Insta Gift Card where you can earn Amazon Gift Cards that will help you save money on items for your wedding. This is a great way to add a little extra to your wedding budget without spending money you will need to start your lives out together. 

Avoid telling vendors you are planning a wedding.

Often venues, bakers, photographers, and DJs will give you a higher quote for a wedding than they would another party or event. The best way to get their best quote is to just refer to your wedding as an event or party until you have your quote in hand. 

Look for personal connections to vendors.

The closer you can get to your inner circle for vendors the best deals you will get. Ask around and see what friends and family you have that can help fill in the services you need. Usually, these people will offer you a discount.

Don’t balk a paying for these services and do not ask for them for free. You want to support your friends and families in their talents and business. Not only is it the right thing to do as a friend but you are more likely to get called upon for your talents when the time comes. This can be a huge deal when navigating finances with your new spouse. 

Make your own wedding invitations.

save the dates, and thank you cards for your wedding. You can design these for relatively low cost online and print at your local office supply shop or online for less than going to a specialized printer. Opt for black and white then use ribbons and embellishments to add your wedding colors.

Personally signing them and filling out the envelopes with a pen in your wedding colors is a great touch. My best friend added colored paper behind hers and some artificial fall leaves for an interesting touch. I still have my copy stashed away. 

Limit your guest list.

Everyone and their brother wants to go to a wedding to have fun. One thing you need to consider is that you need to put your foot down and be mindful of who you are inviting. Stick to the people that have been there through the ups and downs of your life and will continue to be part of your life as you step into this new adventure.   

Consider a free location

Like a family backyard that can be dressed up with candles, fairy lights, and flowers to make for a romantic setting for next to nothing. If you are purchasing a new home with your spouse this can be the perfect location for a wedding to celebrate the new beginnings with you two as a couple. 

Saving on Food and Drinks

One way to cut costs while still ensuring a memorable dining experience is by opting for a buffet-style reception. This allows your guests to choose from a variety of dishes, reducing the need for expensive plated meals.

To save even more, consider meal planning and selecting budget-friendly options that can still satisfy everyone’s taste buds. DIY stations, like a taco bar or pasta station, are also great alternatives that add an interactive element to your wedding.

Another way to save on food and drinks is by exploring BYOB options. Many venues allow you to bring your own alcohol, which can significantly lower costs compared to purchasing from their bar. Just make sure to check with the venue beforehand regarding any corkage fees or restrictions.

By considering these tips, you’ll be able to have a delicious and cost-effective wedding feast!

Consider having your wedding mid-week.

The middle of the week is a lower demand point for venues and vendors allowing you to get discounts for taking a day that is usually left unbooked. This also gives you a better chance of getting your first choice even if a vendor books up well in advance.

If you go this route be sure to give your guests plenty of warning in advance so they can deal with their work schedule. If your friends and family work non-office jobs they may have an even easier time getting a day mid-week rather than a weekend off for your wedding.

Get crafty with your decorations.

Jars, vases, mirrors, candles, and fairy lights can all be used to make fun and simple decorations and centerpieces that bring an elegant look to your wedding without a large cost and every bit of it can be reused in your home with other projects after the wedding. If you or your friends are crafty this can be an amazing way to save money on your wedding. 

Save money on your dress.

The biggest highlight of the wedding is usually the bride’s dress. Looking for a clearance deal often referred to as a sample sale, is a great way to save on your dress.  Don’t shy away from looking for a dress at a shop that does not specialize in wedding dresses. You may be surprised at the wonderful dresses you can find online and at other dress shops. Even resale shops can be a wedding dress goldmine. 

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