Diaper Brands Compared (Diaper Reviews)

If you have been around here long you know we love our cloth diapers. After all cloth diapers are the eco-friendly and most economical option. You are also likely to know that we had a major accident last spring that made cloth diapers without an in-home washer and dryer more work than I could take on. This sent me on a journey to find the best disposable diaper options. So far we have tried 5 brands and will likely try more.

Aldi Little Journeys Diaper Review

Out of all of the diaper Brands, Aldi’s diapers are the most economical. At $10.99 a case (100 diapers in size 3- 60 diapers in size 6) these are our go-to for the two-year-old they get the job done and they do not leak these diapers do get floppy when she plays. Sadly these diapers are not the best fit for our youngest baby. Without the back, gusset breastfed baby poops end up coming out the top and all over her clothes.

At this price, if you need a reliable diaper for a baby with solid poops you can not go wrong with Aldi diapers. If you find yourself out of diapers and unable tp afford more even for the youngest babies $3.99 a pack is the best diaper deal around.

Luv’s diaper review

My brother in law sent a pack of Luv’s diapers leftover from when his grandbaby outgrew them. They get things done but don’t hold the messes too well. I do not like the texture or sound they make that reminds me of feminine sanitary pads.

Luv’s diapers claim to be just as good as other brands at a lower cost. I find they fall apart more and hold less, their price is only slightly lower than Pampers and Huggies so all in all you are not saving money over other big-name brands.

Pampers Diaper Reviews

Pampers Swaddlers Review

Pampers Swaddlers was the other brand in the stash of diapers my brother in law sent over I instantly fell in love with these soft plushy diapers that felt close to our cloth diapers. I ordered more of these off Amazon because they were so soft. These are my totally worth the splurge when I see diapers solely because they are truly pampering my baby. They do not feel like diapers.

Pampers Swaddlers are one of the brands we used on our oldest before we started cloth and they have seen improvement in the past 12 years including an extended size range. Back then they were only available to size one and not nearly as soft as they are now. One part I do not like is the mesh layer that can pull up from the rest of the diaper and give baby a tiny little wedgie.

Pampers Pure Review

I am currently looking for a deal on Pamper Pure to try. If you catch a sale please let me know.

Honest diapers Review

A friend sent me a bunch of Honest diapers for my baby while I was pregnant. When I posted about them I had several friends comment to warn me their babies had reactions to these diapers. I checked the ingredients and there were no red flags. When we tried them we had no rash issues and found they contain messes well.

Huggies Diapers Reviews

Huggies Snug and Dry

I snagged Huggies snug and dry diapers last week with a great sale on Amazon. While not nearly as soft as Pampers Swaddlers these diapers inspired this post. My baby loves diaper changes. She hates being wet. To my surprise, she was upset when I went to change her with a very full diaper. A good 2/3 of the wetness indicator was blue.

Trying to figure out why she was acting different I touched the inside of her diaper. When I did so I discovered the diaper was completely dry on the inside. My baby that hates wet diapers had no idea she had even wet herself.

Huggies Snug and Dry diapers would not make the best diaper for an older child in the early stages of potty training who we want to know is wet it is perfect for young babies that do not need to know when they have a wet diaper. These can help keep babies that like to be dry comfortable.

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