How to Turn Your Yard into an Entertainer’s Dream

If you love to have friends and family over for dinner, birthdays and essentially any other occasion, then you certainly want to take a look at our article below. 

We know that our backyards are the ideal space for hosting parties and having a good time, though to take this to a whole new level, you’ll need to put in a little elbow grease and invest in just a few minor things like furniture and lighting. 

For our readers who love to find any excuse to throw a party in the yard and would like to take their party-throwing skills to the next level, take a look at how to turn your yard into an entertainer’s dream below. 

An Outdoor Kitchen is Essential 

Off the top, one of the most integral spaces you will need to invest in is an outdoor kitchen.

If you’ve ever hosted a yard party before, you will know that the worst thing is having to head inside to do the cooking and leave the party every time something needs to be turned over, plated or just checked to make sure it isn’t burning. 

With that in mind, investing in an outdoor kitchen, or something as simple as a grill or wood-fired pizza oven is a great place to start. 

Pizza ovens are a great addition to outdoor kitchens for several reasons. First, they allow you to cook pizza at high temperatures, which is necessary for a crisp, evenly cooked crust. Second, pizza ovens can also be used to cook other dishes such as bread, roast meats, and vegetables. This versatility makes them a great option for those who enjoy entertaining guests outdoors.

Pizza ovens add a unique aesthetic to an outdoor kitchen, creating a focal point that is sure to impress your guests. Whether you are looking to impress your friends with your pizza-making skills or simply want to have more cooking options available in your outdoor kitchen, a pizza oven is a great choice. Find a great beginner’s pizza oven here.

Always make sure that you have some sort of eating space too, that doesn’t require all of your guests to flood back into the house at dinner time.  

Setting up a Dining Space 

In line with our tip above, you will also want to make sure that you have a stellar dining space for all of your guests.

However, we ask that you be a little creative here. 

With most people having a simple dining table set up on the back patio, you likely want something a little more inventive to come into play here – and so we suggest a dining ‘pit’ in the backyard. 

This ensures there’s a safe and cozy place to sit and eat, though with an in-ground seating pit you’re able to use the space in winter too and keep nice and cozy with friends and family. With a fire in the middle and plenty of seating, you’ll be able to take your dining experience to the next level for your guests. 

If you have a deck try adding a long outdoor dining table and top with a pergola with hanging flowers and solar lights to set the mood for your backyard entertainment space.

Outline Important Spaces with String Lights

After hosting a few parties you’ll likely know what some of the ‘pain points’ in the yard are for your guests. 

A few common questions are typically ‘where is the bathroom?’ or ‘where is the bar fridge?’ for example, and so work to use your string lights to highlight these spaces or any other location in your yard that is often hard to find at night time. 

For an added sparkle, you could also work to wrap a few of the trees in your backyard with these string lights which will make for some fantastic Instagram moments. 

Landscaping is Integral

One often-overlooked point for the entertainer’s backyard is the landscaping. 

Sure, a manicured lawn works great, though a tailormade space that offers aesthetic gardens, seating spaces and more is a great idea too. 

This is where we ask that you consider sitting down and planning out the layout for your yard, and work on developing a design that works best to maximise space but also provides relaxing zones for your guests. 

You may want to consider pathways, garden boxes and seating in some zones of your yard to really get the most out of the space. To add, you will also want to make sure you invest in furniture that is able to withstand the weather, and so brands like Remarkable Furniture will have you covered here. 

Wind and Sun Protection for Daytime 

Though most of your get-togethers are likely to happen at nighttime, you still want to ensure that there are shaded spaces for use during the day. 

This is where the humble pergola comes in most handy, and we ask that you make sure to integrate some sort of greenery here as well. 

These carefully chosen pergolas don’t only make great party-hosting spaces, but they can also add value to your home too, given that they’re providing a little more living space. 

Consider A Pool

One of the last things to consider when turning your yard into an entertainers dream is having a pool installed. 

Of course, a pool is quite costly, however, it will add immense value to your home in the long term, and so considering a pool is something we highly suggest. 

You are able to make use of the pool during summer parties, for example, and these can really spice up the fun for your guests and the kids too. 

And there you have it! A few of our top considerations for turning your home into an entertainer’s dream this year. 

Always consider your size constraints when making changes to your yard, and also consider how you like to host parties, and you’ll be on the right track to creating an outdoor paradise this year. 

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