How To Work From Home With Kids

Working from home has been my reality for a few years now. Life with kids can be exhausting and many find working from home with them running around to be a challenge. For many families, working from home with kids is a new reality as your nation faces the start of a major coronavirus outbreak. The good news is there are many moms that are used to this and can share tips for survival for how to work from home with kids.

Find productive ways to keep the kids busy while you work

If you keep your children busy they are less likely to distract you by running around screaming. One great trick is limiting screen time for much of the day and pulling out screens when you need them to sit still. This can be a major asset if you need to get something done in a hurry to get something done or need to make a phone call. My kids love it when I let them pull out there Kindle Fire devices while I work on something with a quick deadline.

Giving your child workbooks or fun education games like the Green Eggs and Ham printable game I created for my kids is a great way to keep kids actively learning and out of trouble while you work. Look for things they can do on there own as much as possible to limit your interruptions.

Adjust your schedule.

Working with kids in the house can be difficult. A great way to take get things done is to adjust your schedule around your children’s. Personally I like to get some work in while the kids are eating meals or to work after my kids have gone to sleep while I wait for my husband to get home from work.

” I typically find myself getting up an hour or so before the kids do so I can squeeze some uninterrupted work time in before they’re up. Same with evenings – if I have the energy, I work once they’re in bed. The rest of the time, I try to break it up into smaller time chunks so they don’t feel like I’m completely shutting them out for the whole day. ” Shari Boone – A hard-working travel agent that specializes in Disney adventures.

Many work at home parents thrive with early mornings before the kids wake up and get moving around for the day. Personally I do best staying up later after the kids go to bed but only if I manage to sneak in a little quiet time shortly before the kid’s bedtime.

Create a comfortable workspace

Working from home means that you will need a space to work. Most people do not already have a home office which means you will need to put together a makeshift home office rather quickly. For the best results, you will need a table and a comfortable chair to work in. A computer chair is the best option for your back if you are gonna be working for long periods of time.

With kids in the house, your best bet is to look for a space that is out of the way and not likely to send all foot traffic past your works space as kids run and chase each other.

Think about hiring a mother’s helper to help out when working at home with kids.

In my case, I have preteen in the house that has no problem working as a monther’s helper around the house and with the younger kids in exchange for money to put towards things she wants.

Neighborhood teens and preteens are great resources for finding inexpensive help when working from home with kids. Make sure to find someone that you trust so you can confidently close your door while they play with the kids, cook lunch, or pick up a bit. When your helper stops by you have the perfect opportunity to make phone calls and answer emails.

Get noise-canceling headphones.

While I can no use my headphones when I am on my own they are a major asset for when my husband is home to make sure the kids are out of trouble. When he is home and I settle ingot write while the kids are away I blast some of my favorite music and do my thing without interruption from the kids.

Make to-do lists to balance working from home with kids

Having a written list of everything I need to accomplish each day. This is what helps keep me on track while I am in a rush to keep up with everything I need to do each day. Keep separate lists for home and work to help you keep on track throughout the day.

Don’t try to multitask all day.

While multitasking can be a great way to get more done it can also slow you down at other times. Sometimes the best way to get everything done is to go from task to task giving each your complete focus until you are done. If you find yourself doing a lot all day and never really having anything to show for it this could be your problem.

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