Immortalizing Your Wedding Day: 3 Ways Photographs Play A Major Role

Weddings embody happiness in a single event. Not only are they filled with joy, but for many, they only happen once. As a result, the celebration of nuptials has become associated quite heavily with photography. From the photographer who documents your Big Day to memory boards filled with friends and family, the preservation of individual moments has become highly valued. Let’s take a look at the three main ways people use and play with photography in their weddings.

Subtle And Sneaky Snapshots

Throwing a wedding without hiring a wedding photographer is simply unheard of these days. Their job is to find special moments between the happy couple and their many guests — the average of which is about 136 in the U.S. — without disrupting or disturbing the vibe of the party. After the formal portraits and group photos, they’re expected to be invisible, slipping in and out of the crowd in search of the magic that all weddings possess.

Truly wonderful wedding photographers will be able to go above and beyond these expectations to discover and capture the spirit of the event in tandem with its party-goers. The themes often contribute to this subtle yet vital detail: whether you’re throwing a charming rustic wedding in a barn or you settled on a wild eclectic vibe, you’ve undoubtedly spent a small fortune on its beauty — of course, you’d want to find a photographer that could squeeze these details in alongside the elated bride and groom, and their delighted guests.

Say ‘Cheese!’

Much less crucial than a photographer, but growing in popularity is the presence of a photo booth. Thanks to advances in technology that allow the 94-year-old invention to be rented by the general public for a modest fee, their demand has soared among those looking to share the joy of the evening with their guests. Now, guests can make their own memories to take home; throw in a couple of silly hats, fake mustaches, and goofy party props, and your guests can have a few pictures that remind them of how much fun they had at your wedding.

History In The Making

With the presence of a photo booth and the employ of a photographer, you’ve got the present covered. It takes a photo display, however, to remind people of the happiness of the past and the potential of the future. Breaking out old photographs, whether they’re from the beginning of the two lovebirds’ relationship or of family members that are no longer with us, photo displays offer the creativity of the hosts to shine with the love of their friends and family.

There are a number of ideas to take advantage of: use personal pictures in your table setting arrangements, create a pinboard that tells the story of your love, or come up with an idea that no one’s thought of before. If you want great-great grandma and grandpa to be present, you simply need to take extra precautions: use ultraviolet filtering glass or acrylic in the frame to protect the ancient images from the harshness of UV and visible light, and try to place them in dimly lit areas.

American society has become obsessed with taking pictures, but weddings allow an excuse that is well-founded. You’re only going to tie the knot with the love of your life once, so why not document your happiness and excitement for years to come. A picture truly does say a thousand words; with the above three methods, you and your loved ones will be talking about your perfect day for decades.

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