In-Depth Guttering Installation Guide

If you’re looking for gutter installation instructions, you’re in the right place. It may seem like a daunting task, but even those with only a very basic understanding of tinkering with DIY projects will understand it. If you want to help or understand what your guttering installation contractors are doing while they do their magic, you will find this guide helpful.


Critical preparation should be your first step if you want to learn how to install gutters without making any mistakes. Start by using a plumb bob and make it dangle immediately over the drain where the downpipe of your gutter will enter from the fascia. You must get this precisely aligned because it determines how the remainder of the gutters will fit around the property. 

Guttering professionals do this step with great preciseness which is why you should consider leaving this step to the pros. Ask your friends, family, or neighbors if they know some excellent guttering professionals, and if that search comes up empty, turn to the internet for advice. If for example, you live in Syracuse, NY, type gutter installation Syracuse NY in your search engine, and look for other people’s reviews to find the best gutter installation company to help you with your home.


Mark the general position and the locations of the fixing holes on your fascia with a pencil while holding the stopping end or gutter flowing outlet piece in place. To accommodate the drop required along the entire run, you must place and install the gutter outlet approximately 50 mm underneath the level of the roof. 

Check everything

Use the suggested fasteners to attach the gutter stopping end or running output to the fascia panel after making small pilot holes. If you’re working with plastics or fascia board, you might want to use a screwdriver and immediately reduce the speed so you don’t run the risk of overtightening and breaking any of them.

Do the math

The following stage takes some quick arithmetic to make sure water flows out as it should. Measure 100 mm from the side of the fascia, starting where your gutter stopping end or running outlet is. At this stage, you’ll need to install one of your support brackets; however, the distance from your gutter outlet will determine how near you install it to the roof.

String your way

Now that you’ve installed your fascia bracket, you should connect a length of thread or brick line between them and the outlet. To ensure that the line between the two is precise, make sure it is firm. Now you may measure the fall on the string using a spirit level. It should drop about 3 mm every meter if your initial math was accurate.

Measure the space between gutter hangers

How far apart should you set the gutter hangers? From the last bracket on the fascia toward the outlet, take a second gutter bracket and move backward along the line. Trace where each bracket needs to go using the string as a reference. Measure carefully since you’ll need to make sure they’re no closer than 1000 mm apart and no farther than 150 mm from any misaligned bends or corners.

Grease the fittings

It’s helpful to apply a silicone lubricant to grease the gutter sealing on your different connection fixings, gutter outlet, misaligned bends, and other fittings before you begin to fit the parts into position. As a result, you won’t typically need to apply excessive pressure to fit them together, and it also helps prevent water leakage due to expansion and contraction.

Put everything into place

You are now prepared to begin installing your gutters. Put the first length of the gutter in place, slotting the back of the run into place first, beginning at the outlet end. You’ll see that it is positioned below the support bracket. Press down on the front of the gutter forcefully but gently until it clicks into place. It is time to install a union bracket to make it simple to connect to the following section once your initial length is level and in place. 

Connect the pieces

You can connect the following section of the gutter now that your union bracket has been installed. The lowest insertion level of union brackets is indicated on them, allowing water to flow as it should and preventing excessive pressure from being placed on the gutter portion. In the same way, as it does with each bracket, the segment will fit into the pipe clip.

As you move along the fascia board, keep securing your gutters into each pipe clip on the gutter fascia bracket. You’ll almost definitely need to cut the final portion of the guttering to make it fit into position unless you’re exceptionally lucky.

When it comes to your home’s guttering system, while it may sound thrilling, it’s not a good idea to install it on your own. Look for the best professionals with ample amount of experience to install your guttering system to make sure that it lasts you a long time and prevents any leaks from damaging your house.

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