Investing in a Balance of Safety and Style at Home

Many things cross your mind when thinking about a home renovation, from different paintings to buying new decor to match the shades. But when bringing more style into your home, don’t forget to equip your home with safety measures.

Get Smart Gadgets for Your Home

Smart gadgets are stylish and also useful to have around the house. Here are a few things you should add to the interior of your home to make it more classy.

1. Wifi Extender

A wifi extender works well for bigger homes. A lot of corridors around the house can disrupt the wifi signal, and there might be no signal in some corners of the house. A range extender will add more comfort to your life.

2. Thermostat

Want to save energy, cut down on some bills, and make your home appear more stylish? Install a smart thermostat to have an optimum temperature throughout the house.

3. Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells allow you to sync the controls to your mobile phone and get a good view of who’s visiting your front door while you are away. With a smart doorbell, you can get style and safety both in one.

4. Smart Charging Systems and Plugs

Nowadays, everyone has a lot of tech around the house that requires regular charging. A smart charging system and plug will let you control the charging from any distance inside your home.

Importance of Gardening

About 90% of the homeowners believe in maintaining their yards, and every two out of three backyard owners want a professional tree service for maintenance. Styling your home goes far beyond just adding new paint to the interior.

Maintaining your house’s yard is essential because it can give you a good idea about how proper maintenance of the whole house increases its value. You can plant your own garden and upgrade the whole area into a kitchen garden for outdoor events if you’ve got the space.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 20% of homes in the U.S have septic tanks. If your home has one, proper discharge and service are mandatory.

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Smarter Storage Solutions for Your Home

Renovating your home allows you to assess facts such as painting the interior has a 107% ROI and painting the exterior has around 55% ROI. But most importantly, it lets you restore and sort out your possessions.

Here are some storage solutions to help you optimize the space in your house.

  • Place them behind the doors if you can’t find any suitable space for your shoe racks.
  • Drawers can be installed throughout the bed to optimize space.
  • Cloth racks can also be hung behind the door.
  • If you’re buying new furniture, sofas, and armchairs with storage space will be a good option for storing smaller possessions.

Install Safety Gadgets

When investing money to make your house appear more classic, safety should also be your top priority. You might not need every safety gadget out there, but here are a few essentials.

1. Security Stickers

Doors and windows are the primary entry points for intruders. Installing security alarm stickers on the windows, especially on the first floor, will deter any intruder.

2. Security Cameras

With the mere presence of a security camera, an intruder will think twice before entering. If they’re not immediately scared away, at least the cameras will help you track their footprints.

3. Peephole on the Door

Always look at your visitors through a peephole before answering the door. To this day, many burglars still use the front door route for robbery. Adding a peephole will give you time to decide whether or not to answer the door.

4. Install Safety Doors

Sliding glass doors are the easiest to break in. Install some secure doors that have robust lock systems to eliminate the chances of a break-in.

5 Light Automation

Experts believe that having a porch light on drives away intruders to an extent. But a better option is investing in automated lighting. A peephole may not be as effective in the dark, but motion-detecting will be.

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