Keeping Kids Safe While Playing Pokemon Go

Getting the kids into Pokemon Go has been a great choice. They are willing to push themselves a little bit further. We are able to adventure out to places they would normally find a bit on the boring side like our trip down to the river to see the bridge to Canada.

They really had no interest in seeing Canada or the bridge but Pokemon got them there and they learned. It is changing summer as we know it. The new raids are bringing more people together at once to play for rare powerful Pokemon.

How to protect your child and their friends.

While Pokemon Go is bringing the world back together like nothing I have seen in my lifetime it is also opening up several risks that have been making the news each night. As parents, it is our job to keep our kids safe and games that encourage them to run off can make things a bit tough.

How to stay safe playing Pokemon Go

The biggest warning I can give is to avoid Pokestops with lure modules in areas that are not busy. Safety should out rule getting that one Pokemon you really want.

Keep your eyes on the road. Whether walking together or riding bikes do not travel with your face in your phone. Go into your phones settings and set the display to go longer before turning off. This will allow you to keep the app running and get a notification without having to keep it going yourself.

Travel in groups or bring your dog with you. Everyone is playing and this game has quickly become social for even the most introverted people. This means criminals can use Pokemon Go to get your kids to talk to them, lure you near, or catch you off guard. The best defense is to remove the vulnerability of being alone.

Teach kids to be safe while playing Pokemon Go

As with everything the biggest dangers are to children. They can be a little too trusting of strangers and unable to defend themselves. Here are a few tips to keep your kids safe.

:: Take your children Pokemon hunting so you can protect them.

:: Send older children in groups that will protect them.

:: Install a GPS tracking app to track your child. While playing Pokemon Go they have the GPS running leaving this as the perfect opportunity to be sure they are safe.

:: Avoid going to Pokestops without someone else. Do not follow lure modules into areas that are secluded.

:: Remind your children not to talk to strangers.

Help protect children playing Pokemon Go

:: If you find yourself living near a gym or PokeStop take a moment to look outside regularly to check on them. Keeping an eye on the stop means you can help a child that wanders into trouble.

:: Keep your yard well lit. Solar garden lights can be found at the dollar tree and go a long way to protect people wondering up and down your street at night.

:: Keep an eye out for players not keeping their eyes up. This means if you see someone staring at a phone and crossing the street HONK. Warn them because it could save their life.

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