Raising Lifelong Readers

It is no secret that we love Mother Goose Time. What mom would not love their children getting a new book every month that we may normally not think to try. When the August box arrived I was… concerned. The book seemed Advanced for young children.

Want to raise lifelong readers?

That is where the age old school system still has a hold on me. Levels do not matter and sometimes I forget that. To children before the system gets ahold of them. They devoured the book. It got me to thinking about how Mother Goose time helps me develop lifelong readers.

Tips for building life-long readers

  • Make reading fun for kids. They have to truly enjoy it to find the drive to spend time reading.
  • Engage them early with participation reading. Mother Goose Time sends these stories each week that have fun story pieces to allow children to act out the story.
  • Give young readers easy to read books that build confidence and teach new words. We love the monthly I Can Read books included with our Mother Goose Time, and keep a stash of them ready for any young readers in the house to enjoy when they feel like it.
  • Offer new books regularly. A trip to the library, new books as birthday and holiday gifts. Rewarding children for good behaver is another great way to assist in getting your kids to read more.
  • Become very familiar with your library. The library is a treasure trove of books your kids will absolutely love. Only you have to find them.

Tips, tricks, and tools for raising lifelong readers

How can I instill a love of reading in my child?

  • Start reading to your child young and often.
  • If your child can not sit still for read-alouds try blocks, play dough, and other calm toys to keep hands busy.
  • Let your child see you read.

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