Exploring Gravity

Kids love Science. It is one of those subjects that fascinate and draw kids into a deep seeded love of learning. I was so excited last month when Mother Goose Time sent the Science lab that I had to dig right in. Life is good. The kids are learning. and most of the work is done for me. On this particular morning, I took the children outside before the heat rolled into study gravity and some simple chemical reactions.

Exploring Gravity

When I explained what we would be learning my oldest piped up that they have already learned about gravity with The Magic School Bus. Why did that show ever go off air? So we spent a bit of time discussing what they already know.

Exploring gravity is fun for kids

She explained how it is what keeps the planets in order and us on the earth. Then I explained that we were going to take a few moments to see gravity in action. We read about Sir Isaac Newton in the book Mother Goose Time sent this month. We love building our library with Mother Goose Time and can not wait to see what great books we get this year. Plus they give us a great book list to help me find some more great books. (I may have already ordered a few of September’s off Amazon. I really trust the books they recommend for my children.)


As homage to Newton, Mother Goose Time modeled this activity after apples. They sent these awesome giant red pompoms.  A great way to explore gravity is to gather objects of different shapes, sizes, and weights. Then well DROP them. Fall will be here soon and we can’t wait to watch the leaves show off how gravity works.


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