Latin America Countries Flag and Map Match *Free Printable*

Last year I received a cookbook to review called Not Just Tacos. To my surprise when I opened the book it was so much more than a cookbook but, an amazing resource.  My oldest instantly fell in love and begged that we changed our homeschool plans so she could learn about the beautiful places found in the book.  What homeschool mom could say no to that?

Latin america flag match

I created this 23 page printable just print, cut, and practice matching each country to the flag and name.  I suggest adding one country at a time.  Cook a recipe from the book with the addition of each one, find it on the globe, do a craft, read a book, make learning the geography and culture of Latin America an enjoyable experience for your child.

Use this printable to help your child learn to match information about each of the Latin American countries. These make great bases for poster projects. flag banners, and memory match games

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Why study Latin America?

Latin America is a diverse and beautiful for of our world. The culture and food are vivid and flavorful. The population of Americans with Latin heritage is growing daily here in the U.S. by teaching children about these areas of the world they can find it easier to connect to the people around them. Teaching children about other cultures fosters understanding and a bright future for everyone involved.

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