Could Co-Schooling be the Answer?

Are you unsatisfied with the education your child is getting in school? Have you noticed gaps in your child’s learning? Would you rather your child have subjects such as bible lessons? Is the price of private school or the commitment of homeschooling just too much for you right now?

You have options. One you may already be doing and not know it yet? Co-schooling is a form of co-educational schooling and can allow families to meet their needs in new and innovative ways.

I can’t homeschool my child!

Are you not satisfied with your child's education? Co-schooling could be the answer

Odds are in your head you hear this all the time. I don’t have time. What if I cannot provide my child with the services they need. I don’t have the patience. It never fails to amuse me that the very people that tell me they can not homeschool are in fact in their own way Homeschooling!

What Co-schoolers do

Co-schoolers send their children off to school but their child’s school day does not end when the bell rings. Co-schooling families turn their homes into a learning environment, take field trips, and spend time allowing their children to enjoy child lead learning opportunities.

Co-schooling families do much of the same things I do with my homeschool children.

Co-schoolers take advantage of. Arts and crafts. Sensory play and active learning. The list never ends.

These are the parents that are raising a kid that will rise above the bar. Excel. That will know more than the standardized tests. They get hands on with things their peers will never see. All because you mom have without thought chosen to co-school your child.

Sadly this is not the norm in our country. Every day millions of parents send their children off to school and at the end of the day park the kids in front of the TV screen.

Give yourself a pat on the back for reading that bedtime story for the thousandth time… you are fostering a love of reading.

Great job looking up the answer to that age-old question to “why is the sky blue?”… you gave your child the knowledge about how to find information.

You baked cookies with the kids last weekend?… Good job your child is learning how fractions are used in real life.

Take your child to the zoo… planetarium … local historical site? You mom have opened the door to connecting what they learn about in school to life.

Good job mama. Hold your head up high. Give yourself the credit you deserve. You are a co-schooler.

I want to co-school now what?

Co-schooling is easy to start and keep up.

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  1. Get involved. Call the school get to know your child’s teacher, curriculum, and become a fixture in your child’s school. Volunteer to help in the classroom. Look at all of your children’s schoolwork, and find out what your child will be learning in school.
  2. Work with the things your child is learning in school. Are they learning about the civil war? Take them to a museum or if you are lucky enough to live near a site that was part of the war go.
  3. Fill in gaps. Your child’s teacher has 30+ students and a whole bunch rules they have to follow. Take the time to make sure your child is getting a well-rounded education by filling in gaps and doing extra work where your child struggles.
  4. Consider using a tutor to give your child an edge. You can use sites like Alchemy Tuition to find an affordable tutor for your child.

Do you Co-School?

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  • Melinda says:

    Good ideas… I homeschool, too, and do many of these things as part of our routine, although things are changing as my only child has moved into the high school years. Still, we find ways to keep going. Thanks for the post!

  • Nicole @ Some Call It Natural says:

    Great ideas. We homeschool, but if those that public school would do these things, their kids would be ahead of the pack!