Growing Green Beans

We are so happy to have our own garden now. Growing some of our food really helps lower our grocery bill.  We live in the south, deep, deep south so not much will grow this season.

For us late spring through summer is like winter up not much can handle the weather but we did find some beans that will grow in our hot humid climate.  We love our green beans.

how to grow your own green beans

This year we are growing Yard Long Beans. These are an Asian verify that grow well up to a yard long.  These hardy green beans will feed our family through the year thanks to canning and freezing just from one season’s harvest. Being the reader I am I did tons of research on growing green beans to ensure the harvest is a success and saves us over $100 a year on just one vegetable.

How to grow Green Beans

Green beans are easy to grow. They tend to flourish no matter what you do and you can do a lot with them. Like, build a bean tepee in your yard for your kids to play in.

The key is to provide your plant with the right support. Bush verities can grow pretty much anywhere but pole beans need support or they will rot. Provide a trellis for your green bean plants.

Seeds for green beans should be sown directly into the soil as soon as it is warm enough to do so. As a warm weather crop, it should not be planted until the risk of the last frost is over.

The beans should be harvested just before the seeds are mature and before they form bumps on the pod. The pods should be firm and snap when they are bent.

What diseases and pests affect green beans?

Green Beans worst enemy is a fungus. If a fungus hits your garden it spreads like wildfire. The best way to prevent fungus is to not under or overwater your plants. Do not put water directly on the leaves but water at the base.

Pests include worms, caterpillars, and beetles. The best way to handle these is insecticidal soaps. We recommend Safer Soap.

How to grow your own green beans

Why you should eat green beans

Green Beans are high in

  • vitamin K
  • manganese
  • fiber
  • vitamin C

Green beans are high in antioxidants and great for your heart.

How to prepare and serve green beans

Green beans make a great snack fresh out of the garden just was and enjoy.  They make a great side dish to your favorite meal toss in a pan with some water, a dab of fresh butter and your favorite spices and herbs for a quick flavorful side dish for the whole family.

Do you have a baby in the family? Green beans make a great first food. Just steam and toss into your blender. hit puree and enjoy feeding your baby safe healthy food.

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  • Jessie Bell says:

    We have planted Blue lake green running beans two years in a row. Last year we put fertilizer to them and got beautiful vines but no beans amount to anything. This year we didn’t put any thing to them and still no beans but beautiful vines. What can I do to get a good harvest?