List of Must-Do Things Before Moving Into Your New Home

Reviewing a checklist of the must-do things before moving into your new home will certainly make the enormous task much easier. We understand that moving is a hassle and for this reason, you need to do everything possible to make the task less stressful. If you put off the tasks outlined below, you make it even harder to accomplish them eventually. Knock out the to-dos indicated below before you move into your new home.

1.  Paint the Walls

Painting becomes a more challenging endeavor once you move your belongings into your new home. Therefore, while your home is still empty, consider giving the interior walls a fresh coat. Note that a fresh coat of paint makes a big difference by freshening up your home. What’s more, it presents you a great way to add your personal touch to your home. However, when painting a vast area such as the interior walls, you can only get meticulous work done more promptly by using a paint sprayer. The experts from Painted Zone say that using painting tools for your home not only saves you time, but they are also easier to use and get you professional quality results without spending too much. Before you begin the painting job, take note of the holes, cracks or other defects in your walls. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to complete a cosmetic fix.

2.  Change the Locks

It is important that you take measures to keep your property and your family safe. So changing all the locks in your new home is a critical step. Consider doing this before you move in and you’ll sleep soundly with no worries in your first night at your new home. Furthermore, getting locks changed ensures that your belongings are not exposed during the brief window period as your locks get switched over.

3.  Tackle All Major Maintenance Tasks

First off, you need to vacuum the coils behind or beneath your refrigerator. Over time, the coils become clogged with dust and hair, which makes it difficult for the fridge to release heat. This ultimately forces the system to work harder. While at it, flush the water heater and check whether the air filters need replacing. By getting these completing these tasks, it’ll be easier for you to set a scheduled maintenance routine from the date you move into your new house.

4.  Check the Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Do not even attempt to sleep in your home if these important safeguards are not in place. Visit your new place with a fresh set of batteries and test all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If your new home has no carbon monoxide detector, you need to buy one and set it up.

5.  Replace the Toilet Seats

Something as simple as swapping the toilet seats will make you feel like you truly own the house. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about what really happened before you were handed the keys.

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