Make and Play Pirate Pretend Play Set

The Alphabet Island box arrived today and the weather was pretty good so I decided we would dive in and take day 1 outside for some pretend play. It did not take long before I had the children pretending the front porch was their pirate ship as they searched for the Alphabet Island where they will spend the next month or so learning and playing.

Make and play pirate set

We the coloring books will become our “guide books” and we can’t wait to see what adventures we will go on down on Alphabet Island. This comes at the perfect time because we will be moving and when we move we will take the children from one Island to the next and the children will transition into the next theme (Camping) on the next Island. Oh, what a fun summer Mother Goose Time is allowing this very pregnant mother to pull off.

Our pirate guide to Alphabet Island

Make and Play Pirate Pretend Play Set

This pirate pretend make and play set was easy for the kids to play with. A simple eye patch from construction paper and yarn gave the kids a taste of the life I had as a kid wearing a patch in an attempt to improve my eyesight.

For the spyglass, Mother Goose Time made it easy. Which is just what we needed to dive in and have some fun. To make your own all you need is a half sheet of paper, some markers or crayons, and a bit of tape.

Ideas to play with this pirate pretend make and play

  • Set off on your own pirate adventure.
  • Play a game of Eye Spy
  • Hunt for small things to take a closer look at them.

Make and play pirate pretend play set | kids crafts | kids activities

This is a great summer activity. Are you looking to save on fun activities for kids this summer? Free things to do with your kids? Or frugal ways to keep your kids busy? We have you covered for a fun summer.


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