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Help your child find joy in reading with this free reading adventure pack.Reading is such an important skill. When you teach a child to read you are opening doors than to learn anything they wish for life. Reading this is perfect example. You came here to see how to make reading fun for your child. You are learning. All because of the incredible advantage of literacy.

Read the world around you. When out and about stop and take a moment to notice the signs around you. Read them. Discuss how the ability to read them helps your child.

Get to know your library. The library is literally a treasure trove and teaching your child to find the hidden treasures opens doors you would never have imagined. This Library Unit Study can help lead the way to your next reading adventure.

Challenge your child to find and read something new and interesting every single day. Getting into the good habit of reading will positively affect your child for life.

Be a positive role model. As with so many other things in life having a great role model makes a world of a difference. Let your child see you reading. More importantly let them see you reading for pleasure. If you show that reading is enjoyable they are more likely to think the same.

Set your child on a Reading Adventure with FREE this reading adventure packGrab this free printable reading pack

20 printable pages in this PDF with everything from a reading passport to a certificate for the end you can guide your child on a reading adventure this March.

What will you find?
Word search
Writing prompts
Interview a librarian
Thank you card for your favorite librarian.
Coloring pages
Undated calendar and a certificate.


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